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infinite waffling

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back and forth, back and forth, feeling good, feeling sad, feeling like enough, feeling like a waster — is this just life? the endless waves. the ups and downs. lately feeling like the black sheep in my family because a) had (private) meltdown over this dumb bed delivery for my mom while in florida and had to tell everyone about the brouhaha because i was late to meet them all and i know most of them were like, geeeez, you freak b) feeling like my siblings think i’m not engaged enough in their lives c) didn’t play with the kids enough in florida ETC ETC BLAH BLAH BLAH. just always feeling like an endless tedious work in progress. but also like — what’s the opposite of progress.

but two good things:

  1. learned how to make pizza dough! this is my recipe and i do think it’s a winner though this one is p stunning and you can make in one night, though it is more foccacia-y
  2. wimbeldon on every day — been putting it on in the mornings for the dogs and i’m pretty sure they love it