perhaps we’re not raking enough?

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rake with morning glories

only the finest quality english muffins

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high quality english muffinshave the expiration date printed right on the muffin
(also just noticed that they’re expired)

white fragility

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PSA: everyone (at least everyone white) should listen to call your girlfriend’s episode, white fragility.

i’ll take 20 pairs, please

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on the phone trying to rent dumpsters for this concert and this made me laugh — from “What Gary Shteyngart Can’t Live Without”:

I bought these sneakers at Alife on Rivington. The salespeople there are so cool. One of them said to me, “These sneakers make you look like a drug dealer.” I was like, “I’ll take 20 pairs, please.” But they just make me feel super comfortable, like I’m walking on panna cotta.

beans for beef is my new bumper sticker

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from the atlantic:

Recently Harwatt and a team of scientists from Oregon State University, Bard College, and Loma Linda University calculated just what would happen if every American made one dietary change: substituting beans for beef. They found that if everyone were willing and able to do that—hypothetically—the U.S. could still come close to meeting its 2020 greenhouse-gas emission goals, pledged by President Barack Obama in 2009.

That is, even if nothing about our energy infrastructure or transportation system changed—and even if people kept eating chicken and pork and eggs and cheese—this one dietary change could achieve somewhere between 46 and 74 percent of the reductions needed to meet the target.

I MEAN BROS!!!!! do it! we’re in it together! i’m not a bosser and everyone’s gotta do their thing, but…why not try beef no more?! you can still eat all the chicken tenders, salmon, trout, bacon, roast chicken, sushi, and caviar you want! BUT BEEF  — BE GONE?!?!?

(and for other reasons to go all the way veg, please read david foster wallace’s “consider the lobster”)

something kind of poignant about this

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A #JohnChamberlain sculpture on the wall of a Norwegian retirement home. Image courtesy of @80wse director @nicolaleesm #ArtInTheRetirementHome #LivingWithArt

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down in the flood

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it me!

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me n' darby

avoiding all my work so just one more blog post. me and darby! maybe my next present to her will be a baby hawaiian shirt


it was like driving into a painting

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houston clouds

houston, 9/4/18

do these chip flavors seem a bit aggressive

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blaze jacked flamin' hot chips