if we could only figure it out

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from my dear pal chambo:

“To do this practice, we have to give up hope. When I say to give up hope, I don’t mean to give up effort. I mean that we have to give up this idea in our heads that somehow, if we could only figure it out, there’s some way to have this perfect life that is just right for us. Life is the way it is. And only when we begin to give up those maneuvers does life begin to be more satisfactory.”

–Joko Beck

no, I try to create a calming atmosphere

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from jazmine hughes’s “you do you” interview:

On how she sleeps: Full of guilt and anxiety! No, I try to create a calming atmosphere. I take melatonin, sometimes I’ll do some palo santo, but mostly I’ll just put on an episode of The Office or 30 Rock that I’ve seen 700 times so my brain can be tricked into not thinking about everything. At night, my brain starts going in a zillion different directions, so if I give it something familiar that it’s seen consistently for the past ten years, that is a very easy way to get me to fall asleep. Honestly, I love Succession, but they all talk so fast and they’re all so white that it’s put me to sleep a lot of times.

new daily goal

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just to keep the brita filter full

update: goal not being met

my favorite ways people described clyde on ross’s instagram

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can’t really look at the post without crying, but i loved what people wrote, everything, but these made me feel like people really got him:

  • “clyde you old hero you”
  • “a true texan”
  • “a true love bug”
  • “RIP to a real one”

lynda barry won a macarthur!

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the world has goodness in it!!!!!!!
view all the fellows here

incredible sentence

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“As I read I actually felt my teeth getting stronger, like a teenage dinosaur.”

– from patricia lockwood’s review of john updike

festival over, one assignment turned in, one to go

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  • so tired but still have one (rather major) assignment to go. have to turn in via email and want to couch the assignment with some explanation of the weekend, but then feel like — whatever.
  • ross’s birthday today! had to work all day and now all night but he says it’s ok. celebration postponed until tuesday? friday?
  • listening to rodgers and hammerstein playlist
  • eye beating

perhaps a bit of an overstatement

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from the bartles & jaymes website

on the bartles & jaymes website

(please don’t ask me what i was doing on the bartles & jaymes website)

in times of stress avoid reading and rank candy

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trying to finish my reading but instead thinking about the best candy bars. my votes:

  • reese’s fast break (controversial, mostly peanut butter flavored nougat)
  • reese’s sticks
  • whatchamacalit

very tired, haven’t been sleeping great, but figured might as well get up and read about RDA (getting easier but still dense as hell) (tho gratefully it’s no walter benjamin). my therapist said something about how our culture thinks smartness is intuitively understanding something (which, yes), but smartness is also the ability to work at something and eventually (moderately?) understand it. taking comfort in that these days.


and all the while

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ojibwe sayingJune 14, 2019

(via sonia saraiya)