good lettering

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the outsiders credits
emilio estevez came to the library yesterday (!!!!), so felt obliged to watch the trailer for the outsiders

having an old man saxophone moment

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heard this song on the radio on the way to houston and the way taylor sings “you were better to me than i was to myself” made me tear up???? marvin gaye’s version is arguably better and less dad-like, but…

at the gas station

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two dogs in a car at a gas station

two lil peepers

pizza pretz

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top of pizza pretz box

nothing says me time like pizza pretz

maybe learned to relax for once in my life

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nathaniel russell's excellent quarantine interview in "7 questions, 75 artists, 1 very bad year"

nathaniel russell’s excellent quarantine interview in “7 questions, 75 artists, 1 very bad year”

but maybe some inspiration

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from the latest tiny revolutions newsletter:

just listening to the isley brothers

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i’ve said it before but “this old heart of mine” is such a good sad song. did the isley brothers have a sad story? i hope not. (update: they’re actual brothers!!!!!) i have so much to do but feeling too blue so just sitting here catching up on marco polos and enjoying the feel of these socks i’m wearing, which ross gave me, and also the feel of the bed beneath me. in other news, here’s my latest theory: it’s that we never learn anything, even when we’re old, we’re just us our whole lives, i.e., moderate fools, and it’s an ebb and flow of knowledge and idiocy the whole time. i mean, i think we think we’re all moving towards something, but i don’t think we are? or maybe what we’re moving towards is more…awareness of others? but that also leads to more pain? all i’m saying is that if reincarnation is a thing, i have probably at least another 51,000,000 rounds to go (or however long it takes) (no one knows, there is no figure!!!!!!)


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so i woke up yesterday and discovered this giant bruise on my elbow — hard to see exactly, but it was big, and i didn’t remember whacking it, so i thought perhaps it was a spider bite? cuz i’d been moving stuff out of this cobwebby room of the library and who knows, maybe? anyway, i was mildly alarmed by the idea of a spider bite because don’t you have to take antibiotics and spider poison can destroy tissue and etc. but since it was a saturday, no clinic was open, so i had to teledoc to get a professional opinion. teledoc called me and we talked and he told me i had to go to e/r (or an urgent care, but we don’t have those, since we live in the middle of nowhere). i was like 4 real? and he was like, yah cuz what if it’s a bacterial infection and there’s rotting flesh under there? me: [woozy] gulp ok. so we went and as soon as doc sees me, he’s like, oh yah, no, it’s fine, probably a spider bite, but there’s nothing we can do, come back if it gets worse. and also he made a joke about amputation. actually both he and the nurse did. i guess they’re trying to make it breezy, but i WAS NOT into it, it made me feel ashamed for being there. “we have to amputate hahahaha you idiot” — NO. so then we came home and basically i wasted six hours dealing with this NON thing and not writing my research paper and now it’s gonna be late and in summary never bother with doctors, the end.

my bruised arm

oldest face on planet earth

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i have the serious blues today and can’t stop hating on my grown ass face. looking at it and then hating it. grateful to have a face, but still feeling like — wow, age is no picnic face-wise. for those who age into saggy jowls. why do some have saggers, and some do not?


this me

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snoopy camping in his tent

ps i ate so much pasta last night that i woke up with an actual pasta hangover