boring things i am thinking about

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  • NBA playoffs, at last
  • will i pass my final class (currently have a 76) (don’t ask me how this happened!!!) (actually ask me: i didn’t do an assignment but didn’t think it would impact so deeply) (did end up turning in the assignment but teacher hasn’t graded yet and will she ever because it was so late?) (REAL QUESTION)
  • how cute frankie is sleeping next to me
  • how much junk food i’ve consumed while ross has been gone
  • old person alert: not sleeping well without ross
  • old person alert #2: will be retiring my yahoo! email address as soon as school is done and i can figure out the transition — RAISE A SAD GLASS
  • wondering if i will leave marfa this year. it sounds cool AH but also ross has scared me about affordability and being too country mouse and will new job be as rewarding and will i have to live an hour away from everything and be a poor beggar and etc etc.
  • this dress
  • severance — imperfect but very recommend. atmosphere/production design is terrific.
  • this picture of rachel weisz on hilton als’s instagram
rachel weisz

nicky :)

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starbucks coffee with a nice note

during one of my trips to el paso to fix my car, i stopped by target to get a mirror (to tape to my car and replace the side-view mirror) (very fail) and a coffee (starbucks baby!!!!). the taped mirror did not work, the coffee was not that good, but this note on the cup was great.

ps i convinced ross to watch an upside of is it cake? because i’d read good reviews of it? but it was TERRIBLE and also so dumb

a good poem

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What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade”
by Brad Aaron Modlin

double sunsets

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ross taking a photo of the sunset, 2022


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i’m embarrassed to say but something about this photo is speaking to me, BIG TIME (inspired by this one)

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 19: Liya Kebede and Philippe Rousselet attend the “Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, Modern Art Foundation” Opening Night on May 19, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

new spirit guide: 1990s michael keaton

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michael keaton and courtney cox, KYPROS/GETTY IMAGES via:

4 days in london

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  • my sister being so so happy and radiant, andrew being such a sweetheart
  • catherine’s sweet friends
  • andrew’s sweet family and friends
  • hearing about andrew’s playlist for catherine (“i’m ittner you” maybe? some kind of pun on “into” and “ittner”)
  • rain!!!! heaven sent!
  • going to a futbol game with braxton, dad, ross, and christopher
  • a luxurious blow-dry 💆🏻‍♀️
  • cappuccinos on the regular
  • ross being such a champion
  • being in a city
  • exclusively taking ~very hot~ baths
  • eating sri lankan food! eating italian food!
  • everyone being so thoughtful about me being a vegetarian [prayer hands]
  • white wine on the regular
  • my sister getting me all those pastries for my flight home
  • frozen yogurt and loaded fries at the airport with caroline, sarah, and ross
  • my red prairie nightgown dress that i wore for the wedding — it wasn’t flattering and was too big BUT it had a LOT of ruffles and the color was poppin, and i had not agonized over it, so –> perfect
  • sitting next to those two nice british chaps on the plane, who asked if i got black tea because of my stay in england lol
  • missing my train back to marfa, a gift and a blessing
  • my sunshiney uber driver in austin who said, “everyone is trying their best,” a great reminder at a low moment

what do you make of this message that appeared on the dash of my rental car

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message on the dash of my rental car "would you like to take a break>"

ok here we is

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my leg is finally healing!!!! the whole endeavor has been like one of those “tell me that you’re old without telling me that you’re old” memes. in other news, i’m going to london on wednesday, haven’t been since i was 18 (almost 30 years ago). that’s not THAT crazy — there are tons of places that i’ve NEVER been, but something about the “in almost 30 years” phrase is kind of chilling. also i was looking at my photos from that trip and even though i now have mad (depressing, suddenly v. intense?) wrinkles, i wouldn’t swap the now me for the me at 18 (a lovely person but definitely not totally formed) (chubby face, style in its larval stages), which was sort of nice to realize. that OG england trip was a UT trip centered around studying in oxford, and its catchphrase — “poets, plays, and pubs” — was what reeled me in. honestly the plays were AWESOME; the pubs so-so; the poets obviously great. and i made one life-long friend out of it! so obviously — 10 out of 10.

anyway. i didn’t turn in an assignment last tuesday, because i was just 100% cashed out and now i’m a bitter about this class — have an assignment due the day i return from london ????? three videos??? trying to do them now but some small meek part of me is like CAN I JUST CATCH MY BREATH FOR ONE DAMN SECOND?

also did i tell you that the couch we ordered last summer arrived and it is honestly heaven? and that i made ross go get me some ice cream (lemon bar by jeni’s) JUST BECAUSE I’M A BRAT? and also that “creep” by TLC remains an excellent song (everyone gonna take “waterfalls” but i’m right on this one).

tap tap tap tap tap

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first of all, i’m working at my desk and see this peeking out of my organizer:

tap dancing stamps 2022