back back back, but am i permanently back?

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guys! i’m back! maybe even permanently!

a lot has happened since my last post. i can’t even begin to detail the things that have happened. actually i can. they include:

  1. three years going by
  2. quitting yahoo!
  3. moving to portland for 2.5 years and really liking it
  4. dating a dummy
  5. swimming in the mediterranean
  6. my stepdad dying
  7. making my zine
  8. moving to marfa


maybe my next blog post will list EVERYTHING that happened in the three years since i last posted. but guessing that will not happen. but the thing is, what i’m saying here is: i’m back to blogging. it sounds ridiculous but seriously folks: i live in marfa now, and i want to document it.

wearing ridiculous outfit

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today i’m wearing a pair of ridiculously terrible pants. they could’ve been better, with the right shoes, or right shirt, with just a little thought put into them, but instead i wore them with perhaps my weirdest shirt and definitely my weirdest shoes (the toning sneakers). so it’s like weird + weird + weird = really weird outfit. i fortunately brought a pair of ballet flats as back-up, so i took off the weird sneakers, but the jeans are way too long for those, so i have to fold the them up inside my pant leg, which makes things only marginally better. i also replaced the shirt with a shirt i found in my work drawer, which i once took off in a fit of “this shirt sucks,” but it’s better than the current one, so there you go.

last night i woke up at 11:45pm and then again at 4am. my heart was beating about work and inhaling spiders up my nose and i couldn’t go back to sleep till 5am.

alarm went off at 5:20am.


welcome back, coke zero

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at the beginning of the year, i decided to stop drinking diet sodas. bad for your neurons, liquid cancer, “if there’s one thing you do,” blah blah blah. but after a 1.5 months off the stuff, which was, admittedly, not hard to do, i found that i was eating more bad things as a replacement for the diet cokes. and getting rather plump. which is way worse, IMHO, than losing neurons. i mean, who needs neurons? will neurons find you a husband?

so you’ll be happy to know, coke zeros shall be injected back into my life, starting today.

also here’s a list of “things i don’t mind”:

coach buses
my mouthguard

and a few new things for my “things i love” list:

flying the redeye
the austin airport
open houses that make you take off your shoes and then say, “don’t worry about taking off your shoes”
talking about slitting throats

and a new list called “things i thought i liked but actually maybe i don’t like anymore because they make me feel sick”:

bailey’s irish cream

what happened, bailey’s? we were such fond friends at prom.


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girl, i am about to go OFF on making lists. first list: all my favorite things that happened this year. it’s going to be a looooong list. like really long. like gutenberg-bible-style long.

i was also going to make a list of my favorite people, but realized that list pretty much stays the same each year, and it’s just the newcomers that merit pointing out, so then it becomes a “new people that are starting to become some of my favorite people” list, and that seems like a boring list.

but back to my “things i hate” list:

the sounds that garbage trucks make

i know i would be sad if there were no more garbage trucks, and whenever i’m walking to BART at 6am and pass one, i’m like, “god’s blessings on you,” but sitting here on my couch, or lying in my bed, and hearing the brrr-brrr-brrang and beep-beep-beep sounds make me feel like tearing off my own head. or like someone is sliding a knife very gently underneath my skin.

sweating it

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two things that are awesome: beyonce’s “irreplaceable” and emailing with someone that you’re sweating.

are crushes real or fake? i think they are fake. i am answering my own question. they are fake. because you only know this awesome outer layer, and not the real human person. especially when the outer layer has a girlfriend, it’s especially fake. and when the outer layer has a girlfriend, lives in another city, and only occasionally writes you back, it’s especially totally TOTALLY fake.


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i had therapy last night. at the end, i said, “i rate this therapy session a dud.”

my therapist laughed and said, “does that mean a B+?”

me: “no. just a flat dud.”

a nice stranger with braces asked me on a date this morning on the BART platform

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oh, i’m taking a break from dudes for a while. like a “closed for business while we go to cape cod” kind of thing. except minus the fun cape cod part. so more like “closed for business while we assess the inventory, restructure our business, and decide if it’s actually feasible to reopen” kind of thing.

we ate chicken tenders salad and then the bartender gave us free drinks

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made out with a 24-year-old ashton-kutcher/jordan catellano lookalike on friday night. this brings the grand total of “dudes under 26 that i’ve kissed in the last year” up to five. seems like a pattern? possibly? maybe? youngies what is the deal? why am i drawn to you? why, more importantly, are you drawn to me? is it the chicken tender salad on my breath? do you spell it? i mean smell it? also do you spell it.

wow is correct

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humans, you can read george saunders’ “commcomm” online.

got a new (temporary) theme because i couldn’t deal with having no sidebar

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real quick, while surfing my friends’ kodak photo galleries (err), i found this picture. I FIND IT HILARIOUS. chad and julie were waiting to see sharon jones at sxsw and had to sit through four hundred other bands, including marah. poor brahs. please note that julie is wearing a guns n’ roses shirt:

these are my for real brahs for life

no reason to post this song, except that it RULES.

timi yuro “what’s a matter baby”

“my hurtin is just about over…but baby. it’s. just. starting. for you.”

timi you are giving me shivers.