play loud

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chavez “unreal is here”

i live happily and consistently in a six-pound weight zone

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i love tracy anderson, but nyoh:

On a personal note, I live happily and consistently in a six-pound weight zone. If I start to creep up to the top of it, I notice little cellulite issues. However, if I am at my average or lower weight, I see not one imperfection.

best present i have ever gotten anyone

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alex katz beach towel


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please read this allegra goodman story in the new yorker. it is excellent. i read it while eating a mediocre breakfast at penny’s 24-hour diner in alpine after getting my car inspected.

“La Vita Nuova” explained how to become a great poet. The secret was to fall in love with a perfect girl but never speak to her. You should weep instead. You should pretend that you love someone else. You should write sonnets in three parts. Your perfect girl should die.

what i woke up to

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“Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it true, is it necessary, does it improve upon the silence?”

–Shirdi Sai Baba (via ahnka)

i had a sweet dream last night about my friend gory, where we were getting ready for bed, and i put in my mouthguard, which i was embarrassed about, but committed to (my dreams = boringly real), but then HE pulled out his own mouthguard! which he’d bought to make me feel better about my own mouthguard! so we were sitting across from each other at this table, both smiling and wearing mouthguards!
photo of manny rodriguez holding his mouthguard, with his dentist? friend? fan?


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something i forgot on my short list of things i love:


yez pleaze


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whoa, people are smart. some people are really really really REALLY smart. i work with all these people who know SO MUCH about different little pockets of the world. like how do they know so much!? basically i know…very light information about…not much. even the things i love: music, poetry…well, okay, music, i know some stuff. but not as much about CURRENT music. and i’m not even some music whiz kid about classic rock or blues or psych rock or ’60s chicago soul or anything.

that said, i DO know most oldies played on mainstream oldies stations.

i guess sometimes i just feel like, WOW. how did people get so deep on these things? like tim j. at the bookstore: how does he know about all these writers? and know A LOT about ALL of them? and fairfax and ali know so much about art…it’s very humbling, and awe-inspiring. and inspiring. except i’m like, where do i start?! do i need to spend all my time reading and learning? sounds so boring!

in other news, here is a short list of things i love:

rock & roll
turning up the volume
whipped cream
double desserts
great pals
great pals in plays
meeting artists
helping artists get supplies for new work
having friend crushes on people with the initials RC
courtney calling the bag the champagne came in “its britches” (as in, “i’m going to remove the champagne’s britches now”)
getting invited to the vasquez family reunion
new york city
unexpected text messages
unexpected emails
white wine
rainy days that are cloudy ALL day
avocados with salt and lime
staying in hotels
swimming in the ocean
the beach
hot weather
my family
champagne staying fizzy after two days in the fridge, no cork, with just a spoon in the neck
sleeping with blankets on my feet
my coworkers
the serial comma
my beige overalls, even though they don’t fit right
my new ridiculous swimsuit, even though it’s TOTALLY see-through in all the wrong (right) places (who makes bathing suits like that? in this day and age?)

one thing i don’t love but should probably embrace because it’s my life:

wavy bangs

courtney, el paso, marfa, awesome

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awesome visit from courtney davis this past weekend. things we did:

  1. went to the tap bar in el paso. AWESOME.
  2. stayed at the doubletree el paso
  3. ordered room service twice (me only did this)
  4. watched tennis on cable (me only did this)
  5. ate breakfast at h&h. rate the food a D——–/F+
  6. went to costco, bought a 24-pack of michelob ultra (TRUE)
  7. went to target, had our cart taken away from prolonged inactivity
  8. went to the mall and bought courtney some mad fresh D&G sunglasses
  9. stopped at starbucks for an iced soy chai for courtney
  10. ate at the chuck wagon in fort davis, where they sold “$5 fine for whining” t-shirts
  11. saw mad rainbows
  12. went to the vasquez family reunion, where we immediately did a shot, drank a beer, and danced to “la bamba”
  13. saw our horse selves
  14. ate a delicious dinner at cochineal (vegetable plate, white wine, then date pudding AND strawberry shortcake!)
  15. drove to alpine and sat in courtney’s rental car at the football field and drank champagne from eric and dani and watched fireworks
  16. listened to “man in the mirror” four times


here are some photos. please excuse the lame quality and even worse documentation on my part. the honest truth is that we were having too much fun to take photos.


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guys, i’m in el paso! i got up at 5 am and took the big bend community action shuttle to the el paso airport, where i then called doubletree ($65 on priceline, including taxes?!), and they sent their shuttle to get me, and then i checked in and turned on the internet and the TV and made coffee and ordered a mixed-vegetable low-fat frittata and have been working with the TV on in the background and guess what just came on HBO?


awesome! it already looks terrible! and it’s just the credits!

courtney arrives at 10:38 pm, and then what?! who knows! but i’m guessing another round of room service before she comes, maybe working out, finishing some work, and maybe swimming in the pool.  (guess who’s also in this movie! danny huston! great! just great!)

check out the size of this tv