future post

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research/discuss how people experience music, how people respond to music, and what of the folks who can’t absorb lyrics while hearing music, has oliver sacks studied this. TBD

cloud, with sun descending

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he refused to eat the lamb chops

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excerpt from a bio about activist grace lee boggs, courtesy of the writer’s almanac. it set me on a course of looking up grace lee boggs but in the most minimal internet-y way (“what did she look like”).

The rats were so bad that she [grace lee boggs] went to check out the South Side Tenants Organization, which fought against rat-infested housing in the South Side. Through that group, she began working with the black community in Chicago, and she participated in the March on Washington. She became a radical community organizer, and a few years later, she met Jimmy Boggs, a black autoworker in Detroit. He was recently divorced, with six children. For their first date, Grace invited Jimmy over to dinner. He showed up two hours late, and he refused to eat the lamb chops she had prepared because he thought they were too fancy. She put on a Louis Armstrong record, and Boggs announced that he hated Armstrong. But by the end of the date, he asked her to marry him. She accepted without hesitation, and they were married for 40 years, until his death in 1993.

jim and grace boggs, courtesy of Skip Schiel

Photo of Jim and Grace Lee Boggs, courtesy of Skip Schiel


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last night had a nightmare about hiking (!) and then one about an evil robot alien-like giant monster i was supposed to kill at this cocktail party. he was elusive and kept out-strategizing me and everyone was gonna die.

brain obviously loves being back at work.

played during alamo drafthouse previews

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sounded realllllly good (while watching previews for upcoming events).

moonrise kingdom

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moonrise kingdom


saw moonrise kingdom, and felt a lot of feelings. made me feel like like i wasn’t appreciating my life enough. taking enough moments. stepping outside and feeling the breeze. also made me happy that both main characters have rage problems.


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my general feeling about being back at work: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

realizing that work is not really what i like to do. what i actually like: holding babies, watching movies, watching tv, doing crosswords, being with great friends, being with great family, dancing at weddings, swimming/treading water/lolling in water, eating sun chips, drinking kale smoothies, drinking chad’s manhattans, drinking milkshakes, sitting outside and sweating, sometimes answering IT and/or computer questions

my last night in austin, i was talking to this woman, and she was like, “what else do you do in marfa? besides your job.”

ME: mmm
ME: i’m not an artist or musician…if that’s what you’re asking? (is it?)
ME: so…

hand computer reign of terror

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another post from my hand computer. does everyone get back from vacation with some dread? is it just the nature of vacation? if so, bad nature of vacation.

something i am really good at

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actual drafts

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only took 12 drafts to get it right.

dear ross you are
dear ross
ross watching adventureland in the room. wish you were here so you could
dear ross thank you for being the best person i can imagine in my best imaginative brain