loves/dislikes (the boring edition)

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  • shallots
  • pavlova, the best dessert of all time forever


  • wet cuffs (like when you’re washing your face and wearing a long sleeve shirt and the water drips into your cuff) (this sounds much too specific now that i’m saying it out loud)

last night i had to stay at work late-ish and do some stuff cuz my brain is like — in the clouds (but not in a fun way) — but then i read about this recipe and decided to make it once i got home, which was majorly ambitious and very unlike me. what other boring stuff can i tell you. A LOT!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!

stress level — HIGH

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all day had to deal with mom stuff (order groceries, schedule movers, email with her dr, text all the caretakers, etc) while at work and came home with a neck stress ache. hard to juggle work and all that. not doing a good job, to be honest. ross convinced me to eat some dinner in the other room, so left my phone charging, and came back to find four missed calls + texts from mom’s caretakers. i know it’s not forever but this is definitely taking years off my life. thank god for blogs, heating pads, pavlova, savings accounts, blankets, etc.

sidenote — ross lost his wedding ring today, should i be concerned, PART TWO

they’re my little babies

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many gems from genius andrew kuo’s “what i can’t live without”:

Williams Sonoma Classic Stripe Dishcloths
These dishcloths are aesthetically really beautiful. I have them in green, blue, and red, but I like the classic look of the red. I like to have a stack of them in a drawer and [have them] thrown about the kitchen when I’m cooking. My wife thinks I’m a little crazy for sure, because she’ll wipe up her coffee and I’m like, “You’re going to stain them!” and she says, “Isn’t this what they’re for?” Which is correct, but they’re my little babies. They get softer and softer as you wash them.

Apple 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

I hate Apple earbuds. I think they look stupid and everyone loses them. So instead, I use this dongle with my iPhone. I do a lot of listening to music and podcasts, and I have $10 headphones that break every month, and I just buy another pair. I almost use this dongle with pride because I hate the Apple AirPod design so much. They kind of look like jewelry a little bit, and it gets me really confused, and there’s just so much unnecessary technology with the AirPods that the simplicity of just having analog headphones in my ears feels like a good auditory life.

slice-of-life: i also hate airpods!!!!

bad things about me

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  • don’t really love hiking
  • maybe also not SUPER into nature
  • not that chill
  • hair full of split ends!
  • indecisive
  • perfectionist
  • worry A LOT
  • hate the phrase/ethos “quiet luxury”

sidenote: ross thinks i would make a good nun (“because you like to go to bed early”), should this concern me. also i watched the firm last night and it was a good watch but jeanne tripplehorn is so syrupy and the music is so heavy handed. sydney pollack is great, but he doesn’t exactly have a light musical touch (see tootsie). but holly hunter is amazing and tom gives his all, as usual.

listening to camelot

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got my covid booster (pfizer this time) (ZZZZZZ who talks about covid booster brands) so feeling a little ragged. plus everything going on with my mom just adds a layer of frozenness. i can’t cry about it, even though i have this dead weight inside. every time i think it’s “better,” it turns out she’s drinking even more and withholding information (i.e., driving when she’s not supposed to). her caretaker sent me a photo of her sitting on the couch the other night, with a bottle of wine, stooped over, half sleeping. that’s how she spends every night, even when i’m there. who is she? has she always been this person? did i do this to her, by taking teddy? is my approach what’s driving her away? but doesn’t everyone have a responsibility to their own life? it’s just surreal to see her so disconnected from everything, even me. is it alcoholism, is it dementia, is it depression? is she trying to drink herself to death, without saying it (or understanding it)? i just wish she could find some peace, somehow.


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Leon Berkowitz, Source #7, 1976, courtesy of Wiki Art

good things #25678

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  • baking soda to clean things
  • finally cleaning toilets
  • heaters
  • heating pads
  • vacation days
  • friendsgiving!
  • making not-good new recipes for friendsgiving, but still — a satisfying endeavor
  • rewatching elf
  • making hard plans (not really a good thing but making plans does help)
  • finally getting the covid booster
  • leon berkowitz’s beautiful paintings
  • picking up american prometheus again


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turn heads. fill plates.

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ok so what the actual hell! a couple of things:

  • loki was dumb (i did think owen wilson was good, but the story was just absolute nonsense)
  • i somehow fell for these doritos minis — but they are just like broken tiny chips in a pringles can!!!
  • while i was in austin, i got this wild massage where they used their FEET. !!!!!! i thought “they”
    were her hands: NO. THEY WERE HER FEET (AND HER HANDS). anyway, it was kind of painful and energizing, rate it “worthwhile.”
  • went to austin this past weekend and got to see some absolute besties and hang with my wild adorable niece and nephew and ALSO kind of lose my cool a couple times from stress and speak in terse tones (can i blame background mom hospital stress for my unhinged behavior) (YES)
  • all respect to parents, that’s a job that doesn’t quit
  • also we went to the austin aquarium, which was chilling and definitely violating all kinds of animal cruelty rules. strongly do not recommend. (for example, there was a giant loose turtle in a dark corner? and it had no information, and the kids were like, is it real? and i was like, uhhh i don’t know, let’s leave it alone, and this chipper mom and kid near us were like, it IS real! it’s usually wearing a balloon that says, “I’m real!”)
  • going to my first (online) al-anon meeting today, i’m scared, but it’s necessary
  • this baskin robbins ad gets an A+

talk about a nightmare

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been listening to mary beard’s the fires of vesuvius and the cover keeps catching me off guard.