the other day

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just outside of work


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did it, no regrets, second day in a row wearing it.

random brain stuff:

  1. my best work time is between 4pm and 9pm. it takes me approximately nine hours to get warmed up.
  2. i just wrote a love emoji on oprah’s instagram photo. loving oprah is like loving PDX airport (unstoppable, pure).
  3. lately feeling very anxious about social interactions. trying to take a “no apologies” approach externally, then just agonize internally for hours.
  4. accidentally described myself as “not mystical” last night.
  5. also i never knew this was stevie wonder?!

therein lies the legacy

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sam elliott on vulture:

Even though your wife, Katharine Ross, starred in that movie, you didn’t meet her until you made the horror flick The Legacy together in 1978. Do you ever wish you had met on a better film?
The Legacy, for what it was, was all right. Therein lies the legacy. The legacy was my life with Katharine. I can’t pooh-pooh the movie. I have in the past, but you get smarter when you get older. I look back fondly on falling in love with Katharine that winter in England. It wasn’t a bad place to be.

they also have numerous grand dogs, cats, and horses

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pretty cool future

from last week’s paper. pretty sweet.

Hosting the event were their three children: Price (Kathy) Robinson of Midland, Kathy (Jeff) Marugg of Bangs, Texas; and Morgan and Canon Andrews. They also have numerous grand dogs, cats, and horses.

The family enjoyed cake, a favorite meal, and shared a celebration of Christmas.

what else is there?

new development

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following oprah on instagram, loving it, recommend it

things things

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  • discovered two friends who also love adam phillips (though can you love someone based on reading only two interviews?)
  • mixed up the expression “putting the cart before the horse” (“she thinks SHE’S the horse!”)
  • one day this week i woke up early enough to go to the gym, work out, make coffee, and take a hot bath while it was raining outside. NOT TOO SHABBY, WORLD
  • basically addicted to law and order: SVU, despite its grisly content, occasional weak extra acting, and anxiety-inducing pre-sleep mind games
  • when i went into a meeting today at 5:30pm, it was just another winter day. came out, a winter wonderland.


my old-ladyness knows no bounds

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put on a denim jumpsuit this morning, which i haven’t worn in a year. in the pocket: kleenex.



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what i want to do for all of january

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  • drink espresso drinks with a lot of milk
  • wear shearling lined boots
  • go to hot springs
  • watch most recent season of law & order: SVU
  • not sit in enclosed rooms with smokers


friendship fail

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not quite right