santa fe sky

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santa fe, may 2021

what more could you want

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cinnamon bun indulgence coffee at the gas stations

slow it down for the summer as much as possible

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this is exactly me — from sara campbell:

sara campbell newsletter

if i’m just me

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have always found chef natasha pickowicz so charming and all her COVID baking projects so dope and this interview with her about getting laid off during COVID reminded me of my own experience post-marfa-myths:

Eventually, through ever-grimmer mass emails, she learned that she’d been furloughed and, in June, permanently terminated. “My first thought was not of liberation or of freedom,” she tells me over Zoom some days after the event at Yellow Rose. “It was terror. It was a feeling of, ‘I’m a nobody.’ Part of the toxicity of fine-dining structures is that I felt like I was nothing unless I was attached to somebody with credibility. I felt scared to pursue things on my own, like people were only interested in what I was doing because I was affiliated with trendy restaurants. If I’m just me, I’ve lost any clout or resources.”

new eye makeup style icon?

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jerry bait instagram

(instagram link wasn’t working, so — a screenshot) (we R old ‘n’ low brow)

a happy moment from houston

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ross, me, frankie, teddy, reading in bed
ross, rain, blankets, dogs, junky fantasy novel — can’t get too much better. the little white dog ended up throwing up shortly after, and it got weird with my mom, but, for a time, it was perfect

but all i really want

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the best grub street in a long time — editor and writer laurie woolever:

I set a timer for 30 minutes, do as much as I can, then pause to toast a piece of that Mestermacher bread, to which I add some mashed avocado and nutritional yeast. My fridge is full of healthy fruits and vegetables and leftover marinated tofu and hard-boiled eggs and cooked rye berries, but all I really want is permanent financial and professional security, and a slice of white cake with white icing.

ps ok ok matt sweeney’s grub street is pretty good, too

this is literally the best ice cream ever

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jeni's buttercream birthday cake ice cream, wow

tastes like if ice cream cake were an ice cream, oh BABY


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keep it movin' gym in comfort, texas

seen in comfort, texas

my life philosophy

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