Demand it!®

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Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.09.53 PMon the el paso event finder:

Demand it!®

Demand it!®

Demand it!®

Demand it!®

Demand it!®


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lou reed new york

in middle school i bought the “walk on the wild side” 45 (based on kathryn’s recommendation) and then got into “sweet jane,” because of the cowboy junkies, and then was vaguely/not really into the nico record, which i bought at some point, but became a true fan in 1989 when mr. zartman played “good evening mr. waldheim” in our high school world area studies class (muy progressive) and i went out and bought new york. a great elegy:

But when I was 16, I bought the album 1969 Live at a strip-mall CD outlet in Wichita, Kansas, whence I had been exiled for the summer by my father to get me away from the friends he thought were leading me down the road to ruin (actual phrase he used). I stayed with my grandparents & shoveled horseshit at some stables in Rose Hill, a tiny town outside the city, spreading manure over a pasture from a tractor that had been bright red at some point in the seventies. Rose Hill had a Circle K & a video store & a lovely girl my age named Angie McDavitt & not much else. My Walkman leaked a tinny reproduction of Lou Reed’s voice into my head all day, every day. I’d get home exhausted & sit by my grandmother’s pool & listen to Reed banter with the crowd at the End of Cole Ave club in Dallas: “We saw your Cowboys today, & they never let Philadelphia even have the ball for a minute. It was 42 to 7 by the half, it was ridiculous. I mean you should give other people just a little chance. In football, anyway. This is a song called ‘I’m Waiting for My Man.’” I have every line by heart to this day. …



lying in bed today

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(“beautiful line,” via the near-sighted monkey)

supposed to be watching the wire (season 5) but too much reading and lynda barry blog browsing and cartooning homework lessons to do. ordering pens and pencils and this textbook right now, getting serious.

a matter of luck/story of my life

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“It’s sort of surprising to me that even when you get to the top, you still don’t realize you’ve made it there,” Anderson says. Or that you still don’t think you deserve to be there, believing you somehow faked your way to success and that you’ll be found out at any moment.

The name for that fraudulent feeling is impostor syndrome. It’s a phenomenon in which people—usually high-achieving professionals—don’t consider themselves qualified for their position and convince themselves that they’ve cheated their way into it. It doesn’t matter how much work they’ve put in or how much experience they’ve acquired.

“The impostor syndrome describes the countless millions of people who do not experience an inner sense of competence or success,” writes Valerie Young, author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women. “Despite often overwhelming evidence of their abilities, impostors dismiss them as merely a matter of luck, timing, outside help, charm—even computer error. Because people who have the impostor syndrome feel that they’ve somehow managed to slip through the system undetected, in their mind it’s just a matter of time before they’re found out.”

i also call this the “feel like a shoplifter even though you have never shoplifted” syndrome.

(via pacific standard/ann friendman)

this is making me laugh

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[via ask polly / the awl]

also: a universally accepted bad idea but something i keep thinking about: carpet in the bathroom. look i know the reasons and i won’t be researching this home update BUT lately, post-shower, i’ve been dragging the bathmat to the sink with me, hunchback style, so i don’t have to step on the cold dusty floor, and listen there must be a better way.


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interview with artist erin shirreff, “13 Assorted Questions with Erin Shirreff”:

J@s: What is the most productive time of day for you?Do you make work by day or by night?
ES:  I get to my studio in the morning but somehow I feel like nothing starts to happen til 4pm

me too, exactly.

also watch this great new york close up video with erin, who was an artist in one of ballroom’s shows, way back in 2010.

shades up, sports radio on, splashing the face

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from the final episode of here’s the thing, with jerry seinfeld (some edits for tightness):

Alec Baldwin: Jerry Seinfeld has figured it out. He isn’t destroying himself trying to prove something. He isn’t tortured by the challenges of his art. He keeps things simple and clear. Take his regular morning routine when he wakes up.

Jerry Seinfeld: If my wife is up, I like that. Because I do not like cat pawing around.

Alec Baldwin: Right.

Jerry Seinfeld: I want to get up, let’s go, baby. So the first thing I want –I want sports radio on and I wash and I run the faucets and I start splashing my face with water –

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: – like Mace in The Hustler.

Alec Baldwin: Like Mace in the – I was going to say more like Joan Crawford before she goes to the studio.

Jerry Seinfeld: No. Jackie Gleason in The Hustler goes into the bathroom, splashes his face with water –

Alec Baldwin: To revive himself.

Jerry Seinfeld: – to revive himself.

Alec Baldwin: For the next round.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.

Alec Baldwin: He did.

Jerry Seinfeld: And I took that. I said that’s great. I’m going to do that.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s how you face life.

Alec Baldwin: Water, the essence of life.

Jerry Seinfeld: With water. Water.

Alec Baldwin: Before you go on stage, is that what you do? Do you splash water on your face?

Jerry Seinfeld: No, no. After I come off.

Alec Baldwin: When you come off?

Jerry Seinfeld: When I come off – the hardest thing when you come off is to return to your actual personality. You’ve blown your personality up to this joker, Jack Nicholson face, and when you come off stage, I gotta go back to me, and I need a minute. People try and talk to me when I come off. I can’t talk to ’em.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: I go, “I gotta splash some water on my – ”

Alec Baldwin: I gotta do the Gleason.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah. I gotta do the Gleason on The Hustler.

Alec Baldwin: I use beautiful towels, monogrammed towels.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah. Just could you give me – I gotta splash a little water.

Alec Baldwin: I have my own valise filled with towels.

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s how I like to start the morning. Shades up, sports radio on, splashing the face.

Alec Baldwin: Carpe diem.

chaka khan

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chaka(via tinyluckygenius)

it has worked

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a great coworker

the poor man’s massage

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heating p

beginner yoga DVD (some mornings)


heating pad (some nights)