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listening to big boi’s new record, and it reminded me of this 2006 ny times article about outkast, which is basically one of the best articles about music, and musical partnerships, and partnerships in general that i’ve ever read. it kind of haunts me. not to use the haunt word. but just the connection and disconnection between people, even the closest ones, and being together but separate.

You wonder, too, about the degree to which Big Boi knows all this about his old friend, and knows that the key to staying together is to let André talk about leaving all he wants. When asked if it ever gets tiresome for him, being keeper of the flame, always having to win back his partner’s wayward attention, he shrugs and says: “I’ve always been the one. Even when we didn’t get signed, when we didn’t get our first deal, Dré wanted to quit. He was very upset; he was like, ‘I give up.’ But I’ve never been that type of person. It’s not like I’m trying to hold something together that I don’t believe can work. This is what my life is; this is what I believe in. I’ve always been that way. I’m not a quitter by no means, and I know how to do it.”

jean blandino

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i’ve been emailing with the company who’s printing our next catalogue, and our contact’s name is jean blandino. JEAN BLANDINO. amazingest name.


two ideas for halloween costumes this year:

big suit

white pants

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new thing i love:

people wearing white pants

me today at work

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apologies to my coworkers.

accidentally wore biking shorts all day yesterday and then part of today

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had a real rollercoaster weekend of highs (H) and lows (L):

  1. getting wasted at adam’s party (L)
  2. coming home sad (L)
  3. waking up hungover (L)
  4. driving to recycle in alpine (neutral)
  5. work meeting (neutral)
  6. drinking two tecates at michelle’s shop (H)
  7. buying ali a hammock as a surprise going-away present (H)
  8. drinking another tecate with michelle and john and getting jack amped (H)
  9. dressing in all white for ladies’ night at emily’s (H)
  10. ladies’ night at emily’s (H)
  11. petting tic tac (H) (see below)
  12. ross inviting me to go swimming at midnight (H/L)
  13. cagey texts (L)
  14. asking greg if i should go swimming (H)
  15. wearing my bathing suit in my house for two hours, trying to decide if it was awesome or made my thighs look like hams (H)
  16. three-hour sunday brunch with david beebe (H)
  17. free waffle dessert (H)
  18. finding out that gerard and carolyn are having another baby (H)

i guess the highs kind of outweigh the lows.

in other news, i’ve been thinking about this statement: “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” why can’t we hate the playa AND the game?!

a playa

adult single dummy

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last night was adam’s 40th birthday party, and i was really excited about it, but also nervous about it, because three friend crushes were going to be there, so i was drinking white wine, and decided to take half a pain pill, and after awhile, decided to take the other half, and got 100% EFFED UP. like i was talking to valerie arber, and all of a sudden, i was like, oh shit, i’m not making any sense/i’m gonna throw up/i’m gonna fall down. this is at 10:45 pm. had been at party for…1 1/2 hours. DUMB. adult dummy. so i was like, i gotta get out of here, and decided to make a french exit (courtney’s term for leaving without saying goodbye to anyone), but on the way to my car, i ran into rob, who i love talking to, but i had to be like, “i’m sorry, but i’m totally wasted and have to go home.” DUMB. adult dummy. then i came home and drank water and laid down and listened to music and felt melancholy and dumb for being an adult single dummy who still gets nervous around friend crushes and ends up getting wasted on pain pills and white wine at 11 pm and has to send herself home.

third degree burn

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i was just in the convenience store, and saw this new doritos flavor:

3rd degree burn. ok. scorchin’ habanero. i don’t know…3rd degree burns? is that what i want to be thinking about when i bite into a dorito? and that bag…it’s ON FIRE, literally, from the inside. there are FLAMES inside the bag. just nothing about this…says…good idea to me.

boring gadget that i might possibly need

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I don’t totally understand it, but I like the concept:

Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Bug Vacuum

From a review:

“The big problem is that it does not kill larger bugs. I left the unit with her for a week, and she picked up a black widow. When I opened the unit, the spider was alive and well, and had made an egg sac.”

egg sac = nyoh


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donald sutherland = my crush of the century? if you’ve seen invasion of the bodysnatchers and klute, and maybe m*a*s*h, you know what i’m talking about. DONALD. i mean, look at that head of hair! incredible. he’s in a new miniseries, pillars of the earth, on starz. let’s not watch it but be excited about it. or actually let’s watch it.

update: i keep reading this post, and then looking at donald’s hair.  it is ACTUALLY amazing. dude is like, 75! i mean, YES. YES. YES!

trying to remember

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there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at
there is nothing to not be amazed at