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Posted: July 23rd, 2010 | 2 Comments »

listening to big boi’s new record, and it reminded me of this 2006 ny times article about outkast, which is basically one of the best articles about music, and musical partnerships, and partnerships in general that i’ve ever read. it kind of haunts me. not to use the haunt word. but just the connection and disconnection between people, even the closest ones, and being together but separate.

You wonder, too, about the degree to which Big Boi knows all this about his old friend, and knows that the key to staying together is to let André talk about leaving all he wants. When asked if it ever gets tiresome for him, being keeper of the flame, always having to win back his partner’s wayward attention, he shrugs and says: “I’ve always been the one. Even when we didn’t get signed, when we didn’t get our first deal, Dré wanted to quit. He was very upset; he was like, ‘I give up.’ But I’ve never been that type of person. It’s not like I’m trying to hold something together that I don’t believe can work. This is what my life is; this is what I believe in. I’ve always been that way. I’m not a quitter by no means, and I know how to do it.”

2 Comments on “lend me some sugar”

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