Arturo Herrera: Books

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1302-Herrera-4-03_2-photo_-def-imagearturo herrera, books, 2012 Books-Set-4-group Books-Set-2-group 1302-Herrera-1-10_2-photo_-def-image

images from arturo herrera’s exhibition books (December 13 – January 25, 2014) at corbett vs. dempsey gallery

the natural comedians and cuties that they are

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courtesy of the puppy channel

great story about the puppy channel and founder dan fitzsimmons over at this american life (courtesy of ben):

“The initial idea was all puppies, all the time. You’d turn to the puppy channel and you’d see — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — footage of puppies fooling around, like puppies do, acting the natural comedians and cuties that they are.”

vulture you are good

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blue velvet cake

vulture’s “Happy 60th, Oprah! Here Are 60 Weird Favorite Things of Yours” (favorites bolded):

Oprah! It’s your 60th birthday today. You have so many favorite things. Here are 60 of your favorite things that we would like to remind you about, on the occasion of your 60th birthday:


1. A talking electronic photo album, 2002


2. “Apple Bottom Jeans” by Nelly, 2004


3. The color hot pink, 2008: Oprah’s Favorite Things for Summer Edition


4. Custom stationery with a portrait of your dog from Wagging Tail, 2012


5. Fat Witch baby gift tin, 2002


6. Chocolate nativity scene, 2013


7. Himalayan salt shot glasses, 2013


8. Turkey burger from Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Springs, eaten during Maya Angelou’s 80th birthday party, 2008: Oprah’s Favorite Things for Summer Edition


9. Treasure boxes filled with mementos, 2008


10. Sweater mugs, 2013


11. Urban MuuMuu lounge tunic, 2013


12. Family meals, 2008: Oprah’s Favorite Things for Summer Edition


13. Burt’s Bees Baby Bibs, 2013


14. Croissants from Galaxy, 2002


15. Croissants from Williams-Sonoma, 2005


16. Mini-croissants from Williams-Sonoma, 2010: Day Two


17. A blue-velvet cake, 2012


18. A confusing trompe l’oeil cake, 2013


19. Gift baskets that include fruits and vegetables from your own garden, 2008


20. An herb savor, 2010: Day Two


21. VIETRI Water Garden Tea Service, 2004


22. Dell Pocket D.J., 2004


23. Josh Groban’s Noël CD, 2007


24. Josh Groban’s Noël CD (so nice she named it twice), 2012


25. The Beginning, an album from the Black Eyed Peas, 2010: Day One


26. Starbucks gift card, 2004


27. OfficeMax gift certificate, 2004


28. Orbitz, 2004


29. iPad, specifically with Scrabble app, 2010: Day Two


30. O, The Oprah Magazine subscription, 2002


31. O, The Oprah Magazine, 2003


32. O’s Guide to Life, 2007


33. “Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012” TV special, listed as No. 39 of her 47 favorite things of the year, 2012


34. Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Master Trilogy, 2013


35. Oprah’s Holiday Hits compilation album, 2008


36. “Oprah’s Favorite Things” tin from Garrett Popcorn Shops, 2010: Day Two


37. Limited edition “25th Anniversary” Oprah watch by Philip Stein, 2010: Day One


38. “The Oprah Sweater” by Ralph Lauren, 2005


39. Velour sweatsuit, 2002


40. Lululemon relaxed-fit pants, 2010: Day One


41. Four pairs of Nike running shoes, 2010: Day One


42. DreamTime foot cozys, 2002


43. Wine bottles that have messages on them, 2013


44. Corkcicle, 2012


45. Kashwere shawl-collar robe, 2005


46. UGG classic short boot, 2003


47. UGG uptown boots, 2005


48. UGG classic crochet boots, 2007


49. UGG sparkle boots, 2010: Day Two


50. Time with a loved one, 2008


51. Truffle pasta, 2012


52. Truffle risotto, 2013


53. Truffle popcorn kit, 2013


54. Truffle cheese, 2013


55. Truffle grill set, 2013


56. A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever, a book by Marianne Williamson, 2010: Day One


57. Gratitude boxes, filled with notes of gratitude from various people, 2008


58. Floating opera glasses for your desk, 2013


59. Custom illustrated pillow illustrated with a dog, 2013


60. Regifting, 2008


the most cranky

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yesterday i was the most cranky, the crankiest person, work is just the biggest hammer. it wouldn’t be the biggest hammer for someone who isn’t me, but for me, it’s the biggest hammer. i’m just done. ready for new challenges. i tried walking clyde to conquer the crankiness, and it helped — seeing stars, talking to carolyn, being cold. and then i bought wine and way-too-expensive bailey’s irish cream as treats and went home and ross was drawing and watching ice-t’s hip hop documentary so i wrote on my blog, which helped, but then i got cranky again because at 11pm ross went out for a drink to celebrate his brother’s birthday, and was like, come!, but i knew i would only sink further into a crank pit by going to the lost horse at 11 pm and making small talk. but also saying no made me feel cranky. so i tried to watch puppy videos (first time!) to wipe it all away and it did actually help, sort of, mostly just this one where a little puppy keeps falling asleep in his water bowl.



the most legit

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BUT IN THE SAME BOTTLE?! (everyone loves cream, they said)

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los angeles you devil

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  • drinking white wine and eating salt & pepper chips with courtney and bill while getting ready for kathryn’s party
  • dressing in the weirdest leon redbone / bone thuggz  disguise and being a total weirdo in a hipster LA bar and having everyone immediately be like “who is that weirdo” and also accidentally upping the weirdness by ordering white wine
  • courtney telling kathryn that said costumed weirdo was “noel” from scottsdale, a friend of bill’s dad visiting her and bill, and kathryn believing her
  • max’s basketball game
  • kids dancing on the court instead of playing basketball
  • learning that little boys like to wrestle
  • hanging with owen
  • owen calling me mickey mouse (“i want mickey mouse to do it”) (“i went to the park with mickey mouse”)
  • kathryn saying owen never takes people to like that (the best compliment)
  • drinking a chocolate milkshake and reading vogue
  • champagne and dill chips with b, si, steve
  • butterscotch budino for dinner!
  • coffee with kathryn every morning
  • getting EIGHT HOURS of FREE parking with courts
  • deceptively gross smoothies with courtney
  • my new bolo! it’s bolo time
  • tea and clotted cream and scones and blueberries at the botanical gardens with kathryn and her pals
  • trying out my yellow night glasses driving back to marfa (underneath normal glasses). a weird look for sure but A+ for night driving


living our dream

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living our dream

inspiration on the way to el paso

(tried to give the driver a thumb’s up as i passed him but got scared so it sort of looked like a boneless fist)

channeling this for my review

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brie larson by juergen teller brie larson by juergen teller

jean-baptiste bernadet

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jean-baptiste bernadet

(via apiece apart)