why not jay-z

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have my review tomorrow, guarantee you it’s going to be B+ material. maybe flat B.

“good worker but no imagination or vision”

“need bigger acts”



tonight we were supposed to have a meeting about the organization’s mission and tightening it up and instead it turned into a talk about what the music program could be doing better. fine, that can lead to illuminations about the mission and the organization, but still was a surprise.

the only suggestion: “bring jay-z to marfa to give a talk.”


guess i’m going to have to make a youtube mix

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listening to cat power youtube mix, weird genre, youtube mixes, who makes them, why? but also kind of cool at the same time. because here i am listening to one. if i had to make a cat power youtube mix, it would have:

the moon
love and communication
sea of love
taking people
metal heart (original and cover)
good clean fun (only for the carly simon bit)
i found a reason
lived in bars
still in love
maybe not
you may know him
the greatest
that mary j. blige cover (“deep inside”)
i found a reason
i don’t blame you

straight up good things

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  • dimples
  • drawing with ross while listening to cat power youtube mixes
  • cat power
  • clyde snoozing on the couch
  • being in three weddings
  • wendell stuart and the downbeaters
  • saving as much money as humanly possible
  • not having neck rashes (in the future)

good clean fun

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chorus half lifted from/inspired by/no relation to carly simon (“nobody does it better / baby you’re the best”) (see: “nobody does it better”)

mystery neck rash

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another cool thing about aging

dang lucinda

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great story about the singer ray stinnett  (of sam the sham and the pharoahs) and his run-in with elvis presley:

Born in Memphis in 1944, Ray Stinnett got his first guitar, aged 12, from Nathan Novak’s pawn shop, where Elvis got his first guitar. Heading back down Beale Street afterwards, the family stopped at a light and a huge pink Cadillac pulled up beside them. “And oh my god – it was Elvis!” recalls Ray, “So I held up my guitar and shouted, ‘Hey Elvis!’ and he looks over and says, “Hey cat.”


elvis and his pink cadillac

short shorts

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booker t + willie nelsonbooker t + willie nelson

(via aminatou! sow!)

out the driver side window

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everyone should be required to drive into marfa at sunset.


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even though i’m in houston and have had such a great weekend with sisters, stepmom, dad, mom, central market, wine, homemade eclairs (!), marianne, game of thrones, connie suggesting that i should be a therapist, etc.