los angeles you devil

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  • drinking white wine and eating salt & pepper chips with courtney and bill while getting ready for kathryn’s party
  • dressing in the weirdest leon redbone / bone thuggz  disguise and being a total weirdo in a hipster LA bar and having everyone immediately be like “who is that weirdo” and also accidentally upping the weirdness by ordering white wine
  • courtney telling kathryn that said costumed weirdo was “noel” from scottsdale, a friend of bill’s dad visiting her and bill, and kathryn believing her
  • max’s basketball game
  • kids dancing on the court instead of playing basketball
  • learning that little boys like to wrestle
  • hanging with owen
  • owen calling me mickey mouse (“i want mickey mouse to do it”) (“i went to the park with mickey mouse”)
  • kathryn saying owen never takes people to like that (the best compliment)
  • drinking a chocolate milkshake and reading vogue
  • champagne and dill chips with b, si, steve
  • butterscotch budino for dinner!
  • coffee with kathryn every morning
  • getting EIGHT HOURS of FREE parking with courts
  • deceptively gross smoothies with courtney
  • my new bolo! it’s bolo time
  • tea and clotted cream and scones and blueberries at the botanical gardens with kathryn and her pals
  • trying out my yellow night glasses driving back to marfa (underneath normal glasses). a weird look for sure but A+ for night driving


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