the most cranky

Posted: January 28th, 2014 | No Comments »

yesterday i was the most cranky, the crankiest person, work is just the biggest hammer. it wouldn’t be the biggest hammer for someone who isn’t me, but for me, it’s the biggest hammer. i’m just done. ready for new challenges. i tried walking clyde to conquer the crankiness, and it helped — seeing stars, talking to carolyn, being cold. and then i bought wine and way-too-expensive bailey’s irish cream as treats and went home and ross was drawing and watching ice-t’s hip hop documentary so i wrote on my blog, which helped, but then i got cranky again because at 11pm ross went out for a drink to celebrate his brother’s birthday, and was like, come!, but i knew i would only sink further into a crank pit by going to the lost horse at 11 pm and making small talk. but also saying no made me feel cranky. so i tried to watch puppy videos (first time!) to wipe it all away and it did actually help, sort of, mostly just this one where a little puppy keeps falling asleep in his water bowl.



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