accidentally wore biking shorts all day yesterday and then part of today

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had a real rollercoaster weekend of highs (H) and lows (L):

  1. getting wasted at adam’s party (L)
  2. coming home sad (L)
  3. waking up hungover (L)
  4. driving to recycle in alpine (neutral)
  5. work meeting (neutral)
  6. drinking two tecates at michelle’s shop (H)
  7. buying ali a hammock as a surprise going-away present (H)
  8. drinking another tecate with michelle and john and getting jack amped (H)
  9. dressing in all white for ladies’ night at emily’s (H)
  10. ladies’ night at emily’s (H)
  11. petting tic tac (H) (see below)
  12. ross inviting me to go swimming at midnight (H/L)
  13. cagey texts (L)
  14. asking greg if i should go swimming (H)
  15. wearing my bathing suit in my house for two hours, trying to decide if it was awesome or made my thighs look like hams (H)
  16. three-hour sunday brunch with david beebe (H)
  17. free waffle dessert (H)
  18. finding out that gerard and carolyn are having another baby (H)

i guess the highs kind of outweigh the lows.

in other news, i’ve been thinking about this statement: “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” why can’t we hate the playa AND the game?!

a playa

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