adult single dummy

Posted: July 17th, 2010 | No Comments »

last night was adam’s 40th birthday party, and i was really excited about it, but also nervous about it, because three friend crushes were going to be there, so i was drinking white wine, and decided to take half a pain pill, and after awhile, decided to take the other half, and got 100% EFFED UP. like i was talking to valerie arber, and all of a sudden, i was like, oh shit, i’m not making any sense/i’m gonna throw up/i’m gonna fall down. this is at 10:45 pm. had been at party for…1 1/2 hours. DUMB. adult dummy. so i was like, i gotta get out of here, and decided to make a french exit (courtney’s term for leaving without saying goodbye to anyone), but on the way to my car, i ran into rob, who i love talking to, but i had to be like, “i’m sorry, but i’m totally wasted and have to go home.” DUMB. adult dummy. then i came home and drank water and laid down and listened to music and felt melancholy and dumb for being an adult single dummy who still gets nervous around friend crushes and ends up getting wasted on pain pills and white wine at 11 pm and has to send herself home.

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