shades up, sports radio on, splashing the face

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from the final episode of here’s the thing, with jerry seinfeld (some edits for tightness):

Alec Baldwin: Jerry Seinfeld has figured it out. He isn’t destroying himself trying to prove something. He isn’t tortured by the challenges of his art. He keeps things simple and clear. Take his regular morning routine when he wakes up.

Jerry Seinfeld: If my wife is up, I like that. Because I do not like cat pawing around.

Alec Baldwin: Right.

Jerry Seinfeld: I want to get up, let’s go, baby. So the first thing I want –I want sports radio on and I wash and I run the faucets and I start splashing my face with water –

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: – like Mace in The Hustler.

Alec Baldwin: Like Mace in the – I was going to say more like Joan Crawford before she goes to the studio.

Jerry Seinfeld: No. Jackie Gleason in The Hustler goes into the bathroom, splashes his face with water –

Alec Baldwin: To revive himself.

Jerry Seinfeld: – to revive himself.

Alec Baldwin: For the next round.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.

Alec Baldwin: He did.

Jerry Seinfeld: And I took that. I said that’s great. I’m going to do that.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s how you face life.

Alec Baldwin: Water, the essence of life.

Jerry Seinfeld: With water. Water.

Alec Baldwin: Before you go on stage, is that what you do? Do you splash water on your face?

Jerry Seinfeld: No, no. After I come off.

Alec Baldwin: When you come off?

Jerry Seinfeld: When I come off – the hardest thing when you come off is to return to your actual personality. You’ve blown your personality up to this joker, Jack Nicholson face, and when you come off stage, I gotta go back to me, and I need a minute. People try and talk to me when I come off. I can’t talk to ’em.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah.

Jerry Seinfeld: I go, “I gotta splash some water on my – ”

Alec Baldwin: I gotta do the Gleason.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah. I gotta do the Gleason on The Hustler.

Alec Baldwin: I use beautiful towels, monogrammed towels.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah. Just could you give me – I gotta splash a little water.

Alec Baldwin: I have my own valise filled with towels.

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s how I like to start the morning. Shades up, sports radio on, splashing the face.

Alec Baldwin: Carpe diem.

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