we have all had curvy paths

Posted: December 6th, 2019 | No Comments »

liked this question from apiece apart interview with pastry chef natasha pickowicz (mentioned her awesomeness before here):

“We have all had curvy paths. Please list all of your jobs, since you were 16.”

i started to answer myself (what else is this blog but my personal opportunity to answer interview questions), but it was terribly boring and long cuz my path has been perhaps too curvy. some standouts, tho: waitress at star pizza (i was terrible) (i dropped a giant glass of water on someone’s lap TWO TIMES in the three months i worked there); short stint as the texas rodeo mascot, rusty rodeo; a temp AT a temp office; grading standardized tests (a strange look into our educational system); ID checker/bouncer at planet marfa (i was also terrible at this). i’m hoping there’s a “finally” in my list (as a children’s librarian, everyone pray for it!). also natasha mentioned this song in her interview and how did i never know it?


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