turn heads. fill plates.

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ok so what the actual hell! a couple of things:

  • loki was dumb (i did think owen wilson was good, but the story was just absolute nonsense)
  • i somehow fell for these doritos minis — but they are just like broken tiny chips in a pringles can!!!
  • while i was in austin, i got this wild massage where they used their FEET. !!!!!! i thought “they”
    were her hands: NO. THEY WERE HER FEET (AND HER HANDS). anyway, it was kind of painful and energizing, rate it “worthwhile.”
  • went to austin this past weekend and got to see some absolute besties and hang with my wild adorable niece and nephew and ALSO kind of lose my cool a couple times from stress and speak in terse tones (can i blame background mom hospital stress for my unhinged behavior) (YES)
  • all respect to parents, that’s a job that doesn’t quit
  • also we went to the austin aquarium, which was chilling and definitely violating all kinds of animal cruelty rules. strongly do not recommend. (for example, there was a giant loose turtle in a dark corner? and it had no information, and the kids were like, is it real? and i was like, uhhh i don’t know, let’s leave it alone, and this chipper mom and kid near us were like, it IS real! it’s usually wearing a balloon that says, “I’m real!”)
  • going to my first (online) al-anon meeting today, i’m scared, but it’s necessary
  • this baskin robbins ad gets an A+

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