working late

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working late tonight and drinking white wine. while i was waiting for some photos to upload to our new web site, i was looking at facebook, and i saw this post on the news feed from an old crush:

Violent Femmes. For everything, everything, everything, everything

and then this to further explain:

“I hadn’t listened to VF forever then a few months back Jack FM played Kiss Off while I was flying down the freeway and for a few minutes I felt like I had long bangs, a broken heart and too much time on my hands. It was kinda mesmerizing.”

hard to resist. any talk of a broken heart is kind of irresistible. crushes are so strange and sad and weird, because you  have this intense feeling and it’s so intense and you feel so…connected….and then it fades. it fades! fact is, people, it fades. THE FACT IS IT FADES. it has to. it’s the amazing, terrible thing about life. you get over things.

the best kids

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the best kids ever. why did i move away from portland again?

new bar in pdx?!

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landed in pdx airport around 10 pm, and was walking to baggage claim, when i saw this:

new bar in portland airport?! wah?! i actually did a double-take in the airport. might have actually said out loud, “oh shit.” then had to take a picture. then had to IMMEDIATELY text carolyn. not exactly in a panic. but in a panic! because did it replace something? stanford’s? rose city!? oh man say it ain’t so. or say it is so, because it looks pretty cheerful. i could probably drink a surfside sauvignon blanc up in there?