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michaƫl borremans, painter who visited the gallery today. read more.

looking for the magic

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bought this for my coworker as a present and then we busted it out last week at work and painted our nails and now every time i look at my hands, i’m like, i am literally in love with this nail polish.


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the vermouth cassis.


the life

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Some years passed, but I still did not lose that sense of wonder about New York. I began to cherish the loneliness of it, the sense that at any given time no one need know where I was or what I was doing. I liked walking, from the East River over to the Hudson and back on brisk days, down around the Village on warm days. A friend would leave me the key to her apartment in the West Village when she was out of town, and sometimes I would just move down there, because by that time the telephone was beginning to bother me (the canker, you see, was already in the rose) and not many people had that number. I remember one day when someone who did have the West Village number came to pick me up for lunch there, and we both had hangovers, and I cut my finger opening him a beer and burst into tears, and we walked to a Spanish restaurant and drank bloody Marys and gazpacho until we felt better.

— Joan Didion, “Goodbye to All That”

style inspiration #254890

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kate young.