vija celmins

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Vija Celmins, Starfield 2010
Vija Celmins, Starfield 2010

found the artist i saw in miami, when i forgot to write down her name or the painting or the gallery or anything about the painting. i don’t think this is the work erin and i saw, but you get the idea.



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hard thing: not everyone loving you to pieces.

another hard thing: people discussing plans that you’re not invited to, in front of you (in my case: a dinner party for this woman who’s leaving marfa).

just happened, i’m in the office alone with my coworker, and this woman who’s moving away stopped by, and they start talking about the dinner party, and who’s invited. NOT ME. i have no business being invited, i’m not close with the woman (she used to date r), but having them discuss it IN FRONT OF ME…well, it makes one’s abdomen steel itself.


update: was invited to party! adulthood abdomen steeling false alarm!



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went to miami this week (for work), first time there. secret that no one tells you (or maybe they do) (actually pretty sure they do): the beach in miami is BEAUTIFUL.

these are real pictures from my walks!!!! dude is accidental random!!!!!

other things i did in miami: hang out in hot tubs, drink mojitos, see this and this (most notably jonathan schipper’s slow room, which is amazing), see three beautiful paintings (though i didn’t pay attention to who made them) (DOH), appreciate humidity, briefly speak angry spanish at a cab driver, eat fried yucca, vaguely and excitedly coordinate this dude‘s amazing performance at our party, go to joe’s stone crab (miami’s version of peter luger, with a tiny french quarter vibe), jump in the ocean once for two seconds on the cloudiest coldest day, worry about stepping on jellyfish, roll my eyes at my coworker, possibly huff at my coworker, speak in a tight voice to my coworker, and other stuff.