adam phillips redux

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If we could bear listening to people, without trying to understand what they’re saying, we would get more from them. Effectively, psychoanalysis listens for the incoherencies that are saying more, or something other, than the coherences. It’s got something to do with the musicality of people’s voices and intonations; it’s a form of listening that’s less hypnotized and distracted by their coherences.

— Adam Phillips in BOMB

macaroni eyes

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i just realized someone said “macaroni eyes” about one of my pictures on facebook.














this is the image on google if you search for “marcaroni eyes.” not…entirely…dissimilar.


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laid in bed till two pm watching downton abbey, reading blogs, looking at lingerie online, studying my first ebay online selling item (2 people are watching it? what does it mean), DRINKING A BEER, being lazy, etc. etc.


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this dress. courtesy of stella mccartney. featuring the little sister from downton abbey.

ate a muffin

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muffins (with glaze) = a good breakfast

muffin (with glaze) + 1971 randy newman on headphones = a very good breakfast


p.s. randy newman fans, download this immediately!


from steve

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I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight by Richard & Linda Thompson on Grooveshark

also into this

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clyde by sarah meadows


(illegally courtesy of sarah meadows on flickr)

into this

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“As we have so recently and publicly discussed, girls and women have ‘anger issues’ in that they are socialized to not demonstrate anger, but instead to sublimate it where it can sometimes then manifest itself as anxiety or depression.  That is, girls are not born less angry and more anxious.  They’re rewarded for being less angry and more anxious.  So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that large groups of stressed out girls and women collectively facing the dissolution of a cohesive social structure might be more disposed to fall prey to mass psychosis.  It is arguable that men and boys experience similarly jarring episodes of anger and anxiety-channelling mass psychosis, but we call it male aggression and fund military industrial complexes to deal with it.”

Soraya L. Chemaly, Stop Telling Girls They’re Hysterical (via sparkamovement)

(via mikkipedia)