pretty close

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from boris johnson’s proust questionnaire in vanity fair:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A beach, a bottle, a swim, a bed.

grain elevators

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Russell Lee: Grain elevators, Caldwell, Idaho, 1941Russell Lee, Grain elevators, Caldwell, Idaho (1941). Photographed while on assignment for the Farm Security Administration in July 1941. From the Library of Congress’s photostream on Flickr (!).

summer (for d.f.)

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John Zurier, Summer (For D.F.), 2011, Oil on linen mounted on wood, 24 x 31 inches, JZU1101. Courtesy of Lawrence Markey.

but actually this is the jerry jeff song i can’t stop hearin

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we were kinda crazy then

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first, early morning sunlight streaming in while doing inflexible person yoga…not a bad thing.

second, been thinking about relationships lately. decided they are like snowballs, or whatever the thing is that is snowy and rolls and not an avalanche.

alvin and the chipmunks

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when i was a kid, i used to rollerskate in our garage to records, specifically, all three alvin and the chipmunks records: chipmunk rock, chipmunk punk, and urban chipmunk. no comment except pretty weird. if you can picture an 8-year-old surrounded by stuffed animals and skating around a garage at night listening to alvin singing “mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be chipmunks”…well then picture it.

chipmunk rock = pre-gateway to oldies?
oldies = gateway to eternal music love? (hypothesis)

things that have happened lately

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• david beebe accidentally full-palmed my breast.
• stayed one night at the hotel havana in san antonio. as awesome as the first time.
• a woman gave ross a $20 tip for playing a great set in san antonio. INSPIRATION. I TOO WILL ONE DAY GIVE $20 TIPS TO MUSICIANS.
• tried to let go of all work stress with motto “it is what it is.” it actually helped. also helped: working for eight hours on a sunday starting at 8:50 am.
• got the best most apt fortune, written by a friend, and spilled from a pinata at a party last night: “trust your gut. carpe diem!” TRUE THAT LET’S DO THIS RIGHT LIFE
• ate a not good amount of chips and tried to convince ross to buy a 20-bag snack pack of sun chips assortment. WHAT?
• this song