beach livin

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sleep baby whisperin

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BRAG: i have a known, non-measured, somnambulant effect on babies, occasionally growns.

p.s. squishy little dude!


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what i think about while doing cardio on the elliptical and watching “the wire”

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something in the eyes?

avon and me

she loved bamboo

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therese's picture of hawaii

actual photo from therese’s vacation in hawaii at the hawaii tropical botanical garden.

hounding DJs

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travis morrison of dismemberment plan:

“I would psychopathically hound DJs at Q107 or WAVA to play this or that song. I would call the request line until my finger fell off from dialing. Please Please Please play Life In A Northern Town by Dream Academy in the next 20 minutes I have soccer practice at 4!!!! And then I’d sit. With my finger on the record button on my boombox. With more laser-like focus than a Central Park squirrel waiting for a German tourist to drop their pretzel. Please don’t let the preceding song overlap too much; Please don’t talk over the intro you douchebag DJ; Please no ads for Jerry’s Ford ruining the ending. I always kept a tape ready in my boombox in case of suprises. The day that Q107 played “Ship Of Fools” by World Party—an unusual tune in the context of 80s pop radio, with weird sounds and misanthropic lyrics, my idea of a good time and probably an error that got a DJ fired—I swear to god I knocked over every piece of furniture in my room to hit record. “

how to empower oneself 101

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puffy clouds

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the best packaging

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what a waster week

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here was my mind this week: NOT ON PLANET EARTH. what planet was it on. maybe planet nap.

also had another nightmare, where i took a turn on a cliff too fast and was thrown out of the car and was freefalling into some kind of grand canyon type natural wonder. something…appears to be troubling me.