the few remaining blank spaces on the map

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from mat honan’s article “Can’t Get Away From It All? The Problem Isn’t Technology — It’s You”:

The practice of taking an intentional break from technology and civilization is probably as old as technology and civilization. But it seems increasingly urgent now, in an era when the Internet—and thus most of the planet—is as close as an iPhone. We go to seek waldeinsamkeit, as the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson described it—the feeling of being alone in the woods.

This feeling is prominent in our written history. In Heart of Darkness, the protagonist, Charles Marlow, is driven by his desire to visit the few remaining blank spaces on the map. That is, more or less, how many of us plan our vacations today. Of course, the rivers and valleys and borders were long ago mapped; our blank spaces are the few remaining holes in the global communications network. We go where it’s impossible to connect, no matter what. But quite soon those gaps will all be filled. Before much longer, the entire planet will be smothered in signal, and we won’t be able to find places that are off the grid.


franz kline

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franz kline

(via apiece apart)

more about kline here.

“Shortly after, Soucek emerged bleeding but safe.”

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good lord

OMG does everyone know about this guy? stuntman who went over niagara falls in a barrel and also tried (and died while attempting) a barrel drop from the top of the astrodome? from wikipedia:

Karel Soucek was a Canadian professional stuntman who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel in 1984. He lived in Hamilton, Ontario.

Soucek prepared for his 1984 Niagara Falls stunt by researching previous attempts, by sending unmanned barrels over the falls to test the currents, and by dropping his barrel off the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton to test its shock absorbence. Soucek’s custom-made barrel was nine feet long and five feet in diameter.It was bright red and bore the words, “Last of the Niagara Daredevils – 1984” and “It’s not whether you fail or triumph, it’s that you keep your word… and at least try!”On July 2, 1984, the barrel was rolled into the Niagara River 1000 feet above the cataract of Niagara Falls with Soucek inside. In seconds, the barrel was swept over the brink. Shortly after, Soucek emerged bleeding but safe.

Soucek was fined $500 for performing the stunt without a license. He had also spent $15,000 on materials and labor and $30,000 to film the stunt, but quickly earned back all his costs from sales and interviews. Having tasted success, Soucek decided to build a museum at Niagara Falls, Ontario in which to display his stunting paraphernalia. He convinced a corporation to finance a barrel drop of 180 feet from the top of the Houston Astrodome into a tank of water to pay for his project.

On January 19, 1985, as Soucek was enclosed in his barrel, 180 feet above the floor of the Astrodome, the barrel was released prematurely and began spinning as it fell toward the floor. Instead of landing in the center of the tank of water, the barrel hit the rim. … Soucek, severely injured, was still alive when he was cut from the barrel but died while the Astrodome stunt show was still going on. Famed stuntman Evel Knievel had tried to persuade Soucek not to go through with the stunt, calling it “the most dangerous I’ve ever seen”.

this article makes the niagara barrel drop sound more grueling.

it’s fucking awesome, actually

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30 seconds to mars made this bad song but kind of (kind of) good video, where celebrities (kanye west, ashley olsen, jared leto, etc.) talk about their relationship to LA. ok more it’s just sort of interesting.

straight truth from kanye:

“people want fame. and i would never tell a person to not want that, because it’s fucking awesome, actually.”


excited that yahoo is presenting me with these ads

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a true grunge person

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the which seattle band are you? quiz:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 3.48.00 PM

who is TAD?!

“You appear brutal and foreboding, but you have the heart of a lion and an intellect’s brain. You take your art seriously, but have fun doing it. You are a true grunge person.”

exactly true

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from chad’s blog, after he reads deepak chopra’s book life after death:

I ain’t no religious zealot, and I think the book is more spiritual than whatever, but I read this part on the way back to Austin and had to cry some silent tears looking out the window.

This brings us back to the paradox of heaven, that God is visible and invisible at the same time. So is the soul. We encounter it visibly through events that inspire us to feel love, truth, and beauty. The vessel that contains them — a loving spouse, a beautiful painting, a wise saying — will fade and disappear. But its essence remains, and it is this essence that allows us to look forward to feeling more love tomorrow. This is the path to heaven.