dinner in el paso

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cukes, tomatoes, steak salt

cook: does it need more steak salt
cook #2: oh definitely, keep going
cook: how about now
cook #2: not quite there yet

to do list

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stress level REDDEST RED

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have dj camp finale today, graham reynolds in town today and have to show him sites for performance tomorrow, completely not-started programs due monday, drive to el paso tuesday morning to meet vidas crew and get my passport, help them do tech in juarez and el paso, come back thursday, get ready for bonnie prince billy, bonnie prince billy on saturday, then go to juarez on sunday, then come back to marfa for week of vidas. oh plus moving to new house by july 21. drinking most delicious coffee from pop-up, which is cool, trying to savor, and now going to paint my nails neon orange. trying to breath deep. who cares if it’s sloppy? right? sloppy everything all the time? here’s to sloppy?


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ruth bader

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, summer 1977 in Bellagio, ItalyRuth Bader Ginsburg, summer 1977 in Bellagio, Italy

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just hangin’, scoopin’, best coastin

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The news from back home.  The news from back home.

four guys made these records

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led z

so much good in this article about led zeppelin:

It is early 1969, and you are young. You hold in your hands an LP by a band with a strange name. The cover art is a black-and-white photo of the Hindenburg exploding, cropped and retouched to resemble some phallic, Nazi apocalypse. …

The album’s centerpiece was the six-and-a-half-minute “Dazed and Confused,” a morass of shrieking chromaticisms and asinine misogyny. It would quickly become one of the band’s most iconic works, stretched to 20 or 30 minutes in concert, replete with gongs, vocal histrionics, tricked-out guitars played with violin bows. “Dazed and Confused” is a lousy song, the musical equivalent of plastering a horrific tragedy on your album cover and then asking your art department to make it look more like an erection.

four guys made these records:

Listening to the ragged life behind these recordings reminds us, on the one hand, that four guys made these records. It also reminds us, on the other, that four guys made these records. Sometimes being made human only heightens your immortality.

long been a proponent of “tangerine,”:

And then there’s “Tangerine,” a song Page had written years earlier that’s probably the prettiest recording Led Zeppelin ever made. The 12-string guitar sparkles, Bonham plays with uncharacteristic sensitivity, and Plant sings Page’s lyrics with a vibrato that’s almost Presleyan (a stylistic departure so striking that one criticspeculated it was a guest vocalist). “Tangerine” is one of only a handful of Zeppelin tracks that’s totally perfect, not a second too long, not a note unnecessary or out of place…