how to gross yourself out

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read or have your doctor tell you about how they do hysterectomies. or how they used to. “we cut off little pieces of the uterus and then pull…”


blueberry cookbook

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blueberry cookbook(via creatures of comfort)


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good things:

  • finding mango salsa wavy lays at stripes (the third flavor in the lays “do us a flavor” contest) (cheddar bacon mac and cheese the final holdout) (so far all flavors rate somewhere between F to D+)
  • going to austin on friday
  • my “40” necklace
  • one single bud light lime on a sunday
  • swimming in van horn yesterday
  • hulling strawberries

bad things:

  • people talking about the end of summer
  • doctor visits

ye rin mok

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yerin mokye rin mok

(via apiece apart)

pure joy

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summer tomatoes