still life: grump in white turtleneck

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meditation so far not helping with grouchiness, despite meditating today about being ENTHUSIASTIC.

grump in white turtleneck

a suite of uggs

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Uggs-2guys, i had this idea yesterday, of having many pairs of uggs, in varying sizes, available at my house for guests. as soon as you walk in, you put on a pair of uggs. the literal putting on of the shoe indicates “you have entered the cozy zone.” how much are uggs?  would you be willing to put on an ugg or is there a different shoe that says let’s get comfortable.

also i got two new meditation apps (buddhify [not my favorite name] and stop breathe and think) and have done meditation every day for the past four days. no big deal but also BIG DEAL. RECOMMENDED. THEY BOTH HAVE WALKING MEDITATIONS, ALSO.

yesterday susannah made me pad thai and i ate four helpings. i could not be stopped, i was in pad thai nirvana. here is the recipe, i plan to make it every day for the next two years.

what I really wanted to do was lie down all the time

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from ann friedman’s review of kim gordon’s memoir, girl in a band:

Despite the extraordinary nature of her career, Gordon’s eventual struggles with reconciling her creative and personal impulses are pretty typical. “Sometime in my late thirties,” she writes, “I’d begun looking at babies. Babies on the sidewalk, in strollers, on shoulders. The problem was, I could never figure out the best time to start a family.” Gordon got pregnant anyway. Sonic Youth played the “Late Show with David Letterman” two weeks before she gave birth. “The machine never stopped, even though what I really wanted to do was lie down all the time.”

on the drive to valentine

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to valentine

on the drive from valentine

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