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much better day today — was it the red bull wild cherry total zero??????


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dumb work blues, leading to general blues

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guys i’m so blue at work these days. every day it feels like putting on lead shoes and  hiking through beautiful mud. no actually it feels like my feet are already lightly dipped in lead and then i still have to put on lead socks and then lead shoes and then hike through mud. and everyone’s like, isn’t hiking fun?

these beautiful flowers on my dog walk today


somehow bought another red bull today — “the cherry edition.” it’s 90% wanting to try new flavors, but 10% wondering how am i going to get anything done at this job where i am wearing lead shoes in mud. is the answer wild cherry red bull total zero?

IMG_3169hand looks weird

feasting on sunday ny times articles

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BATH TIMEPhoto illustration by Jen Davis for The New York Times

i recently started taking baths, because our shower is in the other house and the hot/cold flow doesn’t work properly (alternately scalding and freezing) (nyoh), so baths are now my default (though let’s be real, bathing is pretty low on my priority pole). sometimes i’m just like, get me outta this dumb bath, but sometimes it does offer a real reset. really liked this ode to baths by molly young (also a recent convert) in this week’s ny times:

A short time later I was at work when I was called into an unexpected meeting with my boss. It was grim, as unexpected meetings tend to be. Afterward, I went back to my desk and sat still. At 6 p.m., I walked home, drew a bath, remembered the Kneipp [bath oil], poured it in, got in the tub and took a deep breath for the first time in five hours. My heartbeat returned to being inaudible.


It has been a year now since my first Kneipp bath, and I’ve gotten in the habit of a weekly braise. Physical envelopment is soothing in almost any form: swaddling yourself in blankets on a winter night, driving through a fog bank, being hugged. The appeal of fondue, I’ve always suspected, is less about the flavor of kirsch mixed with cheese than the pleasure of watching a surrogate bread cube embraced in melted Emmentaler.


with romance, flair and courage of conviction

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a great review by heather (ask polly!) of kate bolick’s book spinster:

But the most engrossing passages in the book focus on the joys of solitude. Bolick is at the height of her powers when describing the peculiar — and sometimes hard to capture — satisfactions of being alone. In the wake of a long-overdue breakup, for example, she recalls eating a Big Mac late one drunken night on the sidewalk on her walk home. “I chomped and strolled as slowly as I could, prolonging the delectable realization that waiting for me at home was nothing but an empty bed into which I’d crawl naked and drunk and stinking of fast food, disgusting nobody but myself.”


and may well be friends with maureen dowd

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originalfrom the guardian article “Don’t mess with Michiko Kakutani”:

Rather than blunting her criticism, these counterattacks have made [Michiko] Kakutani one of the world’s most influential book reviewers. In her early 50s, she has worked at the New York Times since 1979, and despite being described as “reclusive” — avoiding literary parties and interviews — her prominence is such that she once featured as a plot device in an episode of Sex and the City. Little is known about her other than that she is a Yale graduate, her father was a mathematician, she likes the New York Yankees and may well be friends with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.

i thought this was a very moving record review

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i’m not a sufjan fan, but this review has stayed with me.

Brandon Stosuy – “Sufjan Stevens – “Sufjan Stevens – Carrie Lowell (Review)”

yes this is true

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“When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.”

— A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States.

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yesterday i bought this red bull (“RED BULL the yellow edition. the taste of tropical fruits”), which i am scared to drink, and today i’m wearing some freaky ass culottes from the thrift store that hopefully i will sell, after i wear them one or two times, and just dropped off vanilla cakes i made for the coffee shop, with reduced sugar, which perhaps made a less good pebbly texture, but still: not too shabby, friday.


its weird but yes

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