“i’m sorry”

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interview with bill nighy:

Well, you know, every actor gets to a point — there’s a dangerous period around your late 30s, early 40s, where on a good day you look 36 and on a bad day you look 49, and you go for jobs and they say, “I’m sorry.”

the latest

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think i finished my last *major* marfa myths task and ordered three potential wedding dresses AND one travel outfit and i’m listening to “the obvious child” and just watched/read pearl jam’s rock & roll hall of fame acceptance speech and feel a surging of potential. also took a practice GRE and it took me 7 hours and demolished my brain entirely and here’s the amount of math i know apparently = NONE. so that’s cool. ANYWAY. is there hope in being jobless and an idiot? PERHAPS.

after nearly injuring spectators on his first throws

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(robert garrett, via wikipedia)

from today’s daily briefing about the history of the olympics:

The first Olympics featured nine sports across 43 events, and produced some charming stories.

Robert Garrett, an American, had never seen a discus. To practice, he had a blacksmith forge — based on classical accounts — “a 12-inch discus that weighed 30 pounds and was impossible to throw any distance.”

When he arrived in Athens, he learned that a discus was only about eight inches across and weighed less than five pounds. After nearly injuring spectators on his first throws, he won the gold.


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i know less now than i ever did

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Elizabeth Weinberg for The New York Times

Feist. Elizabeth Weinberg for The New York Times

feist in the New York Times:

“Here I am living in my life,” she said, “and songs occur to help me make sense of it.” Epiphanies are not the point. “I know less now than I ever did about how life is supposed to go.”

wild world

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surprising fact: “wild world,” played on the radio, while you are (illegally) drinking rosé (in your car), with the windows open, is a perfect thing.

dude from mex summer wrote me about working again for the festival…haven’t read it yet, avoiding it, just need a moment. part of me feels like i never swim out to my ship, i just wait for rafts to come by and then grasp onto those and it’s time to be brave and try something new (or old, whatever, just something braver).

(now “peace train” is on spotify — not against it, tbh)

also it’s complicated — i co-founded that festival and this past year it felt like i’d been demoted to just a worker, but then i’m like ego you bastard, who cares. but it was emotional to feel divested of it. bad emotional. also working or not working the festival again is complicated because of marfa and leaving and opportunities and my sweet marriage and ross staying here and happiness and status quo and loneliness and etc. etc.

can of worms.

so for now. ignoring that email.

into this, part 658

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something about this gives me hope

(via cord jefferson)