a pattern language

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house for a couple

“the experience of making simple changes in the house, and tuning it to their lives, provides some grist for their own growth. therefore, it is best to start small, with plenty of room for growth and change.”
a pattern language, pg. 387, “house for a couple”



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morgan parker discussing the bill cosby trial with her cab driver in “Are We Not Entertained?” — resonant (again) in light of the harvey weinstein sexual harassment allegations:

“I just don’t understand. You [Bill Cosby] got all that money. You got women who want to sleep with you! Why do you resort to that?”

“I don’t think it’s really about that.” I tuck away his use of the word resort to contend with at a much later date. There are too many levels of complexity to process at once.

“You think it’s like … a sickness?”


and turn the radio loud

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tom petty and garry shandling / via eddie on film

tom petty guest starring on it’s garry shandling’s show

oh, feel sad about tom petty. always think about his fresh air interview and how real and honest he was about his depression. also traveling wilburys — who even makes this kind of sweet oldie supergroup anymore? (maybe country musicians?) plus guest appearances on it’s garry shandling’s show (and this!).