new view from yoga mat

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why is the ny times presenting me with these rod stewart ads, dislike

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Bffs on Canal ⚫️🔸🔺

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let’s be real

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just being with another human is hard, it is hard to get the puzzle pieces to fit all the time. and how do you handle the not fitting? do you just accept that the puzzle piece doesn’t fit all the way and that’s ok (cuz does any puzzle piece REALLY fit, it’s not even attainable, so just resign yourself to getting it all wrong, a la philip roth); or  do you try and make one puzzle piece file its edges so it DOES fit, but does that even work, or is it wrong to the puzzle piece to make it edit itself; or do you figure out a NEW way for the pieces to fit together, so that it’s joyful, but it takes a long time, like a glacier?

also how far can i take this puzzle analogy.

ross is a still-waters-run-deep kind of person, but also someone who walks a few paces ahead of me into events and can treat me like a coworker. also i see the men in ross’s family and they are all similar: bossy, a bit gruff, very male personalities, and the women are easygoing dish-doers, and all the events revolve around what the men like to do (hanging out smoking cigars around a fire). and let’s be real, i am not an easygoing dish-doer, i’m a blood boiling only child.

my love for nog is well known

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Photo by Kailley Lindman, via bon appetit

Photo by Kailley Lindman, via bon appetit

i woke up in the middle of the night (pre jay-z dream), thinking about these recipes.

where my dream interpreters at

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whoa just had a dream where jay-z was helping us on our new house. he was kind, and melancholy, seemed to be a bit lost (figuratively), and he was helping us get grime off around the house, and we kept saying, jay, you don’t have to do this! and he’d just roll his eyes and reach for another paper towel.

boring things

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  • cleaning cabinets
  • using elbow grease