matthew klam

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i read matthew klam’s “issues i dealt with in therapy” in 1999 and xeroxed it and tucked it away in my “best short stories” folder (!) (a tradition that died after a couple of years, though i still have the folder). more about klam in “why matthew klam’s new book is only 17 years overdue”:

But mostly, he was afraid that his success had been all about voice, and that even if his voice was good, it hadn’t evolved enough to justify another piece of writing. “My voice has not changed, and it’s not an interesting voice,” he says. “It’s just my voice. And here’s the thing: I’ve written, in my voice, plenty of shitty fiction.”

Teaching allowed him to write and to feel like no one was really watching. “There is nothing more invisible than a professor at a university — nothing,” he says. “No kid sees you’re alive. They don’t give a shit. If you fell over dead in the middle of class, they wouldn’t notice. They’re 19. I’m 50. It’s a good way to work because you’re invisible.”

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