one more thing about mind jamming (or: how i fixed the pink links and lost my sidebar)

Posted: June 5th, 2006 | Tags: | No Comments »

not to belabor this, but meeting new awesome people — it’s seriously almost thrilling. sometimes i start to feel like i’ve reached my limit for new genuine friends, that i’m too stubborn or hard or judgmental, i think everyone new is a dud, or if not a dud, there’s no real spark, and conversations are generally pleasant but can occasionally feel like slogging through mud. you forget that there are new people that you can instantly click with, that the perfect jam partners are out there, people you’re like jam-jam-jam-jam-jam-dude-we-could-jam-all-night. this happened to me saturday night, and it made me kind of stamp my feet because it was so awesome and life-affirming and exciting.

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