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girl, i am about to go OFF on making lists. first list: all my favorite things that happened this year. it’s going to be a looooong list. like really long. like gutenberg-bible-style long.

i was also going to make a list of my favorite people, but realized that list pretty much stays the same each year, and it’s just the newcomers that merit pointing out, so then it becomes a “new people that are starting to become some of my favorite people” list, and that seems like a boring list.

but back to my “things i hate” list:

the sounds that garbage trucks make

i know i would be sad if there were no more garbage trucks, and whenever i’m walking to BART at 6am and pass one, i’m like, “god’s blessings on you,” but sitting here on my couch, or lying in my bed, and hearing the brrr-brrr-brrang and beep-beep-beep sounds make me feel like tearing off my own head. or like someone is sliding a knife very gently underneath my skin.

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