my life is on fire

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GD, it’s beautiful here. today i volunteered at chinati community day and helped kids make flags out of felt. one of the kids, victor, wanted to make a flag, maybe american, maybe dutch. he was 4. he ended up making an american, a dutch, and a french flag. incredible. then the event ended, and chinati was locked up, so i walked by myself, amid the concrete boxes and sheds, to the car. i almost started crying with the beauty of it all. not to be too corny. but it was hot, and beautiful, and i’d just made flags with kids.


i’m reading everything ravaged, everything burned (great title), and i read “retreat” just now, and this part got me:

I could not think what to do. I was still holding my pie plate, and without giving it much thought, I flung it into the woods. A crash followed without the rewarding tinkle of shattered crockery.

“Oh, God,” I said.

“What?” said Stephen.

“Nothing,” I said. “My life is on fire.”

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