tom petty

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i’m listening to tom petty right now. and wearing krista’s AWESOME shirt. she was like, “wear my clothes!” and i was like, “oh no, that’s too private,” but i got up this morning, and was like, well, let’s just take a look, and pulled one out and put it on and decided i loved it and decided i will be wearing NOTHING BUT KRISTA’S SHIRTS ALL WEEK. it’s very exciting. like a new life. also this is a view of the house across the street from krista’s after the rainstorm on thursday or friday. i had to cut out a rainbow (?!), because my angle was dumb, but the light was super loco. maybe it doesn’t look that loco. maybe it just looks like sunset, but it was glowing. people who can capture that: my curtsy, or whatever you do when you show respect.
crazy light

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