you can go blind, waiting

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big weekend big weekend big weekend. wait, was it a big weekend? what did i even do friday night? something that got me home by midnight. no other recollection. besides falling asleep to deadwood. doesn’t sound like the world’s biggest weekend. but anyway. saturday night! i went to a reading by the poet michael dickman, i’d cut out one of his poems from the new yorker a while ago, so i was excited, and it was great, great, great, although i was sitting in front of these totally cute 24-year-olds, and no one was sitting next to me, and in fact, somehow i ended up sitting in the oldies section, and i was like, “do the oldies recognize a kindred spirit?” which made me feel kind of old. like oldies have real vision and could see my inner old person.

hide this from me

but the reading was great, and then i went to the lannan house for the dinner part, which was also great, i drank 2.5 glasses of white wine, which helped, and then we went to see the allen oldies band, which was also great, and then me and krista and adam and hilary drove in the convertible to michael’s house, and we drank tons of michelob ultras, which was also great, actually a total blast, although at one point, i was in michael’s bathroom, and i saw this stick of ICY HOT, and i was like, what’s this? and i just put it on. i just put on the man’s icy hot! i had to apologize today. because a human does not just walk into a man’s house and put on his pain relieving chill stick.

anyway. this is one of the poems he read, and the first line just hooked onto my brain.

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