disappointment, looseness, lone-wolf refocus

Posted: August 16th, 2010 | No Comments »

all those highs of the past few days: CRASHED DOWN. crashing crashing crashing. as soon as i start getting too thoughtful about boys, my insides get all scrambled and i get sad and loose and BORING. so boring. it’s so boring to be so worried about dudes. so i had to write “lone wolf” on my arm to refocus myself.

it kind of came to a head last night, because i saw the poet on saturday, and i was like, HEY YOU! and he was like, HEY YOU!!!!! and he was like, can you hang out?! and me was like, no, my mom’s in town! and he was like, what about tomorrow? and he kept touching my shoulders, and i was like, yes! i’ll be working in the day, and he was like, i’ll come by ballroom! we’ll make a plan!, and i was like, awesome!, and i had this secret fantasy that he’d come by, and i’d be like, DO YOU WANT TO MAKE PIZZA?! and he’d be like, best idea ever! and then we’d go back to his house and make pizza and have a blast and then i’d go home.

but he never came by ballroom.

didn’t have his number.

pizza not made.

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