birthday continued

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the rest of my birthday: equally amazing. i started to detail it out, but it got kind of boring. highlights include:

  1. friend crush text wishing me a happy birthday
  2. going to central market and staring at the bulk candy section for 20 minutes
  3. amazing delicious lunch with marianne, terry, eamon, amy, and toby — with a surprise visit from caroline and izzy. homemade margaritas! cupcakes! salad! soup! oh, just THE USUAL!
  4. visiting the bar where teddy roosevelt recruited rough riders
  5. fairfax sending cava and snacks to my hotel room (!)
  6. not being able to nap for being so excited that it was my birthday and instead drinking cava and putting on eye makeup
  7. drinking cava with my folks and brother and sister and opening presents
  8. the decorations that my stepmom brought
  9. wearing my new shirt from my mom
  10. falling asleep to the wedding singer
  11. my sister waking up in the middle of the night, seeing me, smiling, and saying “hi” sweetly
  12. driving back to town and discovering that jd, fairfax, mike, and dan had weeded my WHOLE jungle garden, bought me new plants, and set up patio chairs. WTF?! totally made me cry. and promise to work for these people forever and do whatever they want and say thank you for the rest of my life.

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