i smell like cedar

Posted: August 25th, 2010 | No Comments »

ok, i’m at work. but i just realized — not to sound corny — but my life is pretty awesome. right now: i’m drinking a sessions beers, uploading images to our new web site, fairfax invited me over for dinner (postponed till tomorrow), i’m listening to terre t’s show on WFMU, and the most awesome japanther song is on (“she’s the one”) (not the most awesome in the sense of ALL TIME, but just awesome in this moment), i just ordered conrad and ashley’s wedding present, i’m going to austin in two weeks, i’m getting a massage on sunday (continued birthday celebrations), i have amazing friends (mostly in other cities) (small caveat), and i’m like, GEEEEEEEEEEZ. my life is awesome (even though i’m wearing a weird santa-fe shirt) (even though i’m at work at 9:45 pm). not to brag. but it’s awesome. it’s lucky. i’m lucky. but how do i sustain the luckiness?

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