grump city

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i was a SUPER grump today. really snappy with my coworkers. to get over myself, i’m buying a pair of red shiny leggings. i feel like my attitude needs a recharge. my attitude and my workouts. all in need of a recharge. enter red shiny leggings.

picture me in these with a much less awesome shirt

IN OTHER NEWS, i’m crushing too hard right now. trying NOT to crush. failing. FAILING. so failing. even though the tarot cards said this guy was all wrong for me. STILL crushing. even though he’s slept with 1800 women in town. STILL. CRUSHING. can’t help myself. he walked me home on saturday night and we stood outside my house for a long time talking and then we hugged three times (second and third hugs = all my doing) and then the next night he stopped by my house at 11 pm to say goodbye before he left town and then we talked for almost two hours about teenage blowjobs and my flag and his lost journal and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me and then i demanded another hug and then he left.


no makeout, but so much crushing.

and maybe it’s weird that there was no makeout? and it means he’s not interested? so i created this whole story to myself about  how he’s being a gentleman and we’re getting to know each other while we fall in love. i actually thought these words to myself.

in the movie of my life, this is where my awesome friends are like, “oh no.”

sidenote: what am i looking for in a man?
kind, creative, smart, great dancer, handsome, funny, someone who looks great in sleeveless shirts.


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