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this past weekend, we had this huge conference, and at the last minute, one of the speakers — let’s call him martin — had to cancel (his father was dying). so thursday night, i canceled martin’s airplane and car reservations.

but THEN! at the REALLY last minute (friday morning!), martin was able to come. so i scrambled and booked his airline ticket, his hotel room, and a rental car. prepaid for what i could (hotel and airline). emailed my boss and the man’s assistant about all the different pieces, and sent email receipts.

so there we are friday night, opening night of the conference, i’m checking people in, very cheerful, when this very important man, who helped organize the conference, came up to me and starts saying, “martin didn’t receive any of his car or hotel information” and i need to fix it right away and how could this have happened. i was like, “um, i DID send the confirmations,” and he was like, “well, he doesn’t have it, so FIX IT,” and walked away, and i immediately felt like a total idiot and started working on it from my iphone (very slow) and of course little baby tears start falling out of my eyes, because the SHAME of having not done my job right, of having this VIP chastising me in front of people…folks, it’s gonna be baby tears.

anyway, it made me start thinking about slaves and being a slave, and i think i would have been a pretty good slave for like, 2 months, and then i would have exploded and then been killed.

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