making out with shirts

Posted: September 23rd, 2010 | No Comments »

Twice in the past week, Crush #2 and I have hung out till 3 or 4 am, just the two of us, JUST talking. Nothing even remotely flirtatious. Well, besides the staying up till 4 am and talking. I can’t figure it out. Not that I need to. I’m actually trying NOT to. I’m trying to just be like, This is kind of cool to actually get to know someone. But is it cool? It’s a little scary, actually. Because maybe he really JUST wants to be friends. Or maybe I do. And like, what if you get to know people and you always just end up wanting to be friends? Because isn’t that kind of always how it is? Like you just burn through that initial mystery and everything becomes a part of you, like a good shirt. But not a shirt you want to make out with.

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