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i’m reading 1776 as part of our new american revolution (amrev) book club, where we read tales of the patriots and then draw a portrait of our favorite amrev hero.

this book club consists of me and hilary.

i thought 1776 was going to be an exhaustive history of the events leading up to 1776 (based on nothing but the title), but ACTUALLY, it’s a documentation of all the events of 1776, exclusively (actually more reflective of the title). and it’s AWESOME. i can’t stop reading it. our patriot forefathers were basically totally awesome and totally insane and our army was both crazy and bedraggled and totally effed. like, from where i am in the book, you’re like, there’s no way these guys are going to win this war. i mean, one night, in the MIDDLE OF WINTER, most of them with no shoes, they had to cross the delaware, walk to trenton (eight hour journey, total), start fighting, THEN, after winning the battle, immediately walk back and then cross the river again (another eight hours). gives you perspective when your boss asks you to work late. like, yes. i will work late. just please don’t make me walk shoeless for eight hours in the bitter cold and then kill some germans and then walk back.

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