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i accidentally slept with crush #2 saturday night!

it was TOTALLY awesome!

he was a GREAT kisser. great amazing kisser. great amazing! what a blast! but my friend hilary made me nervous because she asked if we had made out, and at first i lied, but then felt guilty, so i retracted it, and we talked about it, and she was telling me about how our mutual friend had liked crush #2 a while ago and he was sleeping with her AND this other girl in town at the same time and not telling them, and our friend hasn’t forgiven him, and the whole thing made me kind of small-town nervous and also made me wonder: how COULD he do something like that? and who else is he sleeping with right now? while sleeping with me? and why DO you need to sleep with more than one girl? what’s THAT all about?

but ANYWAY, it was flat awesome. despite all that. and then he came over last night for 45 minutes and it was sweet and today he’s moving to austin, so he stopped by work, and we went to the get go together and hugged and then he was gone. secretly i wanted to make out some more and i immediately started thinking about sending him some miniature snickers as a going-away present.

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