risking the shiz out of shiz

Posted: October 21st, 2010 | No Comments »

who wants to be afraid anymore? it’s so dumb. who even cares. let’s just go for it and go for it and go for it (in a measured way).

by “going for it in a measured way,” i guess i mean, i’m allowed to daydream about someone and get really excited and mushyheaded and let my heart get fluttery, but not abandon all sense and get caught up in ego needs, which can lead me down tortured paths.

IN OTHER NEWS. crush #2 and i talked about screenprinting t-shirts that say, “we do what we want.” which i thought was hilarious at the time. but then i started thinking about crush #2’s reputation around town (i.e., sleeping with tons of girls), and i was like, hmm, “we do what we want” doesn’t seem like the BEST motto for crush #2. maybe something more like, “i’m sorry that i hurt you” is more appropriate.

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