tiny dancer

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today i feel super mellow. i stayed at work late late last night, working on the world’s most boring project (revising the minutes from our board meeting) (tedious and BORING) (with a triple capital T and a triple capital B), but it felt good to work hard again. i like working hard. all my self-worth comes from hard work.

anyway, today, i feel mellow, and also hard-working. and also i’m drinking a red-eye, which is a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it. meet the new me. she has brown teeth.

question: is elton john actually solid gold? “tiny dancer” is a really weird song, but it gives me the chills every time. so does “rocketman.”


i think maybe my romance with crush #2 is waning. or not waning. but chilling out. because how can it not? he doesn’t even live here. and we have no plans to see each other for the next month. we talked on the phone sunday night for an hour, but i was in kind of a weird mood, since i’d just gotten that tongue lashing, and i just didn’t feel relaxed, i felt sad, and then yesterday we did some texting, which was fun and funny…but…well…i guess it doesn’t really sound like it’s waning.

and maybe i should just be patient. actually that’s my worst habit, especially in relationships: impatience. i have no patience for things growing and being slow. 2010, i’m learning how to relax and roll with it. and have faith.

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